33 Things About Me

Today’s post is all about ME! I write about many different topics. So today, I’m writing about me. So sit back and let me tell you what I’m about.

I picked the number 33 because it’s my favorite number.

Here I’ll share with you, bits and pieces of ME.

  1. I’m married to him. We’ve been together since 1987 and I’ve known him since high school, in 1983. He is my one and only true love.

2. They are the product of our love. You will see bits and pieces of Me, through them.

3. She is the love of my life and she knows it. She gives me strength.

4. My boys are 6 feet tall, but I still tell them not to walk alone.  On the phone, they both sound like their father. They melt my heart.

Mother’s Day 2018

5. I’m adopted. They adopted me. We are not blood, but we might as well be. My mother loved me unconditionally. She showed me what love is.

6. She is my best friend. Most generous. Raw. Committed.

7. I’m afraid of the dark.

8. If you lie to me, and I find out. Deep inside, I will never forgive you.

9. I know what betrayal looks like.

10. I’ve learned to not cry about things, I cannot change.

11. I’m the truest friend you’ll ever meet.

12. I love rice to death.

13. Music is where I find solitude, it’s my invisible cloak.

14. I love to sing.

15. I love to write.

16. I love to read.

17. I love deep conversations.

18. If I don’t like you, you’ll know.

19. I’m scared of Rottweilers. But I have 2.

20. I love taking selfies.

21. My wish is for one day, my biological family will ring my doorbell.

22. If I had a choice to have a biological family show up; it would be anyone. Brother/sister/mother/father. I don’t care. I’ll take any one of them.

23. If I had a dream job, it would be a doctor. I would give anything to be able to fix/heal/prevent a person from dying.

24. I’m really a lefty. But I write with my right hand, because I was forced to.

25. I am my own HERO. Me.

26. I can live in a suitcase and travel when ever and where ever, my passport is always ready.

27. I can tell you what depression and anxiety feel like.

28. When I was 2, I remember walking behind my father’s casket, in the Philippines.

29. I’m a very dedicated wife and mother.

30. I play harder than I work.

31. I live for vacations and anytime I can walk on the beach and go to an all-inclusive resort.

32. My husband spoils me rotten.

33. I feel loneliest at Christmas.

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