6 am – Poetry May 31, 2019

I rise early enough to witness the silence from my balcony
Barefoot and nothing on but my nightgown
I slowly pry the glass door
To not wake you in your slumber
Your slow-paced breathing echo in my ears
As I close the door behind me
It’s almost 6 am
And here I am wide awake
On vacation
In this slice of heaven

Not knowing I will fall ill in just a few days
And this slice of heaven will be tarnished
So I stare out and listen to the waves sing
And see the birds glide effortlessly 
In the blue sky
My mind is aware of all the senses I feel
The beauty I see before me
I don’t see anyone yet
And I’m glad to be up
To relish in my thoughts 
On how lucky I am this moment
In this beautiful place
With the warm air
And the sun I longingly chase
The waves are talking faster now
Sensing the world is awake
It quickens its steps
Running back to sea
And returning as quickly as it retreated
Like a woman who’s been hurt by unkind words
But instantly shakes her head
Masking her feelings
Pretending it never happened
Graceful but fierce is her demeanor 
Determined To wash away the scars
Like the waves who rolls back into the sea
Leaving the sand smooth
Looking untouched 
But really it has weathered enough storms 
You can’t tell though 
The beach is beautiful and soft 
And continues to shine and glisten
Like the woman who endured endless battles
But remains to be strong 

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6 thoughts on “6 am – Poetry May 31, 2019”

  1. Wow !! Once again you write about your true
    Inner feelings and the thoughts that stream in
    and about you, But you also touch the inner cords
    of me and others alike who weather the storms yet wear the mask .. to appear so strong !
    Thanks sweetie

    1. Thank you so much, Ron! I’m glad we have this connection and you fully understand my writing. It makes me so happy that you follow my blog and leave me your thoughts. I do love your comments, feedback always feeds my soul and make it more enjoyable to write and have my writing recognized in a way that really makes me proud of my freedom of expression. Thanks so much as always, for your loyalty. xoxo

  2. I don’t get to read poetry often nowadays but this was beautiful! I appreciate the use of descriptive imagery here and the meaning behind those words. Very powerful!

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