Best bday ever – CUBA! Si! (2016)

My birthday was last month and because it was my “milestone” birthday, (which I’m not going to say the number out loud!)  my husband, brought me to Cuba! Well, I was hell excited when he told me two days before we were to leave, for me to book anywhere I wanted to, so I picked Cuba. As a sun seeker, follower, sun lover, of course, I picked Cuba. We’ve been there before as a family, but this time, it was just us!

I had the best birthday ever! I was hell excited and couldn’t get over the fact that I had two days in Toronto and then off to sunshiney days, just like that!

We stayed at Iberostar Varadero Resort Hotel and from the moment I stepped foot into the lobby, I was in love. The pool was amazing and just a few steps from the lobby. It was massive and just beautiful!

There were lounge chairs throughout that was empty and ready for the taking. The resort at the time we were there, wasn’t crowded.

The beach was even better, no rocks or pebbles underneath your feet as you made your way into the water. It was heaven, and like I said, plenty of Palapas to enjoy your time and take in the rays and suntan all day long. There is a bar, right directly behind the chairs and was so convenient when you want to grab a quick lunch. The array of food they had, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Entertainment after dinner was alright. It was same old same old, I’ve kind of seen it all. Nothing to really write about, unless it wowed me to death!

The food for me got repetitive after three days, unfortunately. But oh well, I’m on vacation and I didn’t have to cook, so I was thankful for that!

We didn’t try the a la carte, as when I finally remembered to try to arrange reservations, it was all booked! Like I said, I was in a really chill frame of mind and didn’t care too much about it.

I was in laland, I always wanted to wake up on my birthday in a tropical place where the sun is blazing and my day would be spent by the pool or on the beach all day.

We went to the Varadero strip twice and rode on the bus which cost $10 dollars for the both us, free to hop on and off. We stopped by another hotel which had a shopping plaza and an awesome beach right behind it. We had an amazing Cuban lunch at this mall and spent 3 hours on the beach. I completely forgot the name of this hotel. Sorry.

We spent many days just lazing in the sun. We didn’t partake in any excursion because like I said, we’ve been here before and have visited Havana, local schools and swam in the caves.

In conclusion, I had a marvelous birthday. Until this day when I reminisce about it, I am hellll still so happy. My husband is an amazing, giving, loving and thoughtful person. I enjoyed this gift tremendously!

With all my heart, thank you, papa, xoxo


Iberostar, Varadero – Beach video



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2 thoughts on “Best bday ever – CUBA! Si! (2016)”

  1. We are going to plan a trip to Cuba, this is great to read. It looks like you had a great birthday! Congrats!

    1. Hi Shellyn, thanks for coming by! You can never go wrong with Cuba. Their beaches are so beautiful and never elbow to elbow with people. The weather is always perfect, in my opinion, and the staff aim to please as always. Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read my Blog! xo

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