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Bent Taco Collingwood Review 2019

Today I had the best Taco and Margarita in Collingwood, Ontario. Where did I go you ask? At Bent Taco, that’s where. You can check them out here. Bent Taco is a Mexican restaurant that serves Tacos, Burritos and of course Mexican dishes. They are located in the heart of the downtown core of Collingwood. If you’ve been here before, you know the downtown core, is pretty small, Bent Taco is pretty easy to find! I found Bent Taco on google and saw their ratings and said to myself, this would be a great Blog post, if the ratings were correct! The ratings were spot on.

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Easy Peasy Mini Pizza’s

On a hectic day, when you are just so swamped at work don’t you just want a ‘no fuss’ dinner when you get home? Of course, you do! Make these Easy Peasy Mini Pizza’s! It’s an easy 10/10, ten minutes of prep work and ten minutes in the oven! It’s Easy Peasy Mini Pizza day at our house. So here we go! Ingredients Pizza sauce Chili flakes Pesto sauce Pepperoni Cheddar cheese Red onion Feta cheese Olive oil Scotch Bonnett pepper Greek pita

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