Art Is In Bakery Review

Art Is In Bakery is this amazing foodie place I found in Ottawa, while visiting my son. I had googled places prior to our arrival because as a foodie lover, I wanted to enjoy brunch somewhere new. From the outside it seemed like we were lost and came upon an industrial looking place. Checking google and our GPS one more time, in a winter blizzard chaos, we were assured we had arrived at our destination!


Upon opening the door, we were greeted with such an awesome surprise. This place was bustling with people, and the scene was lively and upbeat, and as my eyes scanned the area, it dawned on me that if I opened a restaurant/bakery, it would undoubtedly look like this! It’s a place where you can just chill and relax and enjoy brunch. The space was awesome, with its high ceiling and decorated walls, the vibe was definitely alive!

There were two lines, one for your main meal and the other, just for pastry, dessert or bread.  Behind these two lines was a separate counter for specialty hot beverages. It was chaotic because if this is your first visit, you’re kind of confused which line to go to.

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Momofuku Daisho Review

Went to this awesome restaurant for Winterlicious this year.

Winterlicious is Toronto’s annual prix fixe foodie festival that gives you access to some of the city’s best restaurants at a fairly reasonable price point.

This winter event ran from January 27th till February 9th, the three-course prix fixe lunch menus go for $18, $23 and $28. Dinner will cost you from $28, $38 and $48.

This restaurant is located on the third floor of Momofuko which is glass enclosed.

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For the love of Udon Noodles

So I totally love Udon Noodles, and I want to share with you how to make it like I do! One thing tho, I don’t provide any measurement tools. Why? Because I cook best with by sight and taste and estimation only. Believe me, you do enough cooking by the time you get to my stage, it will be hell easy! 

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Asian Supermarket


This recipe is good for 2 people, double ingredients if more than 2. …

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