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Old School Restuarant Review April 2019

For my husbands birthday, we brought him here for brunch. Old School is located in downtown Toronto, on Dundas Street West. Upon entering, I instantly liked the feel and vibe. The decor is black and white and tucked away in the corner in front of the entrance is a cute bar, surrounded by black and chrome stools. The restaurant has plenty of natural light, with its floor to ceiling windows, that brings in all the outside, in. I love the way the restaurant is open and has a lot of space between patrons who are enjoying their meals. I hate when I go to a place where tables are so crammed together and customers are practically sitting on each other’s lap. To me that’s not the way to enjoy a meal, I need elbow room! Here you can find that, and the ambiance is alive and happy.

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Bent Taco Collingwood Review 2019

Today I had the best Taco and Margarita in Collingwood, Ontario. Where did I go you ask? At Bent Taco, that’s where. You can check them out here. Bent Taco is a Mexican restaurant that serves Tacos, Burritos and of course Mexican dishes. They are located in the heart of the downtown core of Collingwood. If you’ve been here before, you know the downtown core, is pretty small, Bent Taco is pretty easy to find! I found Bent Taco on google and saw their ratings and said to myself, this would be a great Blog post, if the ratings were correct! The ratings were spot on.

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The County General – Restaurant Review 2017

The County General Restaurant 936 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON Paid parking Ambiance We happened to find this awesome place by accident, as our first intent for brunch was to go to Pray Tell.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was a note taped to their door “closed for repairs”. My daughter picked that spot for our brunch for my birthday. They didn’t even the courtesy to put this vital information on their website or Instagram. Anyways, this was a blessing in disguise, because we came here instead! Yay!! This cute little place was absolutely amazing!  

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