There is something about Kenny G’s music that every time, I listen to it, a whole array of reflections of my life run through me. To be honest, I love it. It slows my mind down from all the other things that stress all of us out. LIFE. You know when your brain starts spinning a million times, even before you’re wide awake. You know what I’m talking about: What to have for breakfast, you have to take the dogs out, feed them, get ready for work, do I even want to go to work? Bills, family, the children, your husband.

It’s nice to just veg and has time to reflect and sit for awhile and really think of what you want to think about and not what you’re forced to think about. Right now I’m thinking about all the people I’ve met in my life and was it all worth it? Certain thoughts of people bring on pain, certain people radiate happiness, some exude sadness and a lot, laughter. So I guess the answer to my question: is yes. …

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Music makes me feel..

The sun is shining and my window is slightly open today, as the air is on the cool side in the Tdot. The temperature is 13 degrees Celsius and its June. Yeah, so I’m not even going to go there today. As I always I complain about the weather. Today, my thoughts are on Music. I love music, and right now I’m listening to Lionel Ritchie’s record album. Yes, I said it, record album, as in I have a turntable, which I play LP records on. I am a bit old fashioned, and I try to hold onto what I loved most when I was in my younger days, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lol. Listening to Lionel Ritchie I totally fall in love with his voice and get caught up in my fantasy world of creating the perfect “Love Story” in my mind.

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Sunshiny Day

Today is Saturday and I am helllll happy! Why? Cuz it’s Saturday, no work, no hitting the snooze button on that stinking alarm to my left on my end table, and it’s a beautiful sunshiny day! God, I love the sun, the vibrancy of it, the feeling of aliveness when it fills my house.  All the curtains are wide open, my bay windows radiate all this lovely glow of brightness and so does my kitchen and my dining room and living room windows, I am in la la land.  The Sunshine transforms me into a whole new human being. …

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