A sunflower daze

Visited a farm, with a field of sunflowers.

I walked quickly ’round that farm, to frolic happily in that field of sunflowers.

Hurry I said, take a pic here and there, in the sunflowers

Let me hide and see me pop up, in the field of sunflowers.

They were tall and proud, so bright and yellow, sunflowers.

A pretty sight, a happy scene of sunflowers.

For days, I was in a sunflower daze

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Rottweiler’s are the best!

Tyberious is my 2-year-old toddler. He’s a rottweiler. He’s amazing. He’s the best.

We have  2 rottweiler’s in our lives. But right now I speak of him.

Many people are afraid of rottweilers it seems. From the way they pick up their little foo foo dogs when we share the same sidewalk, or from the way they cross the street, onto the other side of the sidewalk!

I can appreciate the fact that, Rottweilers are a pretty big and intimidating looking breed. But Tyberious, he’s such a sweet little baby. He smiles a lot, thinks a lot, loves a lot of hugs and attention. He hasn’t shown any kind of aggression, except OK, when guarding his house.

Other than that, he’s so loving, when people give him a chance, they truly fall in love with him.

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Tears for them

April 27th, 2018

On Monday, April 23rd at 1:50 pm you sent us a video and a message that rocked me to my core. You sent a video which I couldn’t understand. When your brother asked what it was, you described the scene right out of a movie.

My daughter went outside on her lunch break, on what was a beautiful sunny and warm day in Toronto. Her usual time was 1:30, but waiting on her colleagues, she was running late on her daily lunchtime routine. It was 1:40 by the time she went out. What greeted her were two dead bodies on the sidewalk, right outside her work.

She works in North York, Toronto. A vibrant, busy street. Full of businessmen and women, restaurants, stores and shops. People milling about or rushing to grab a bite to eat. A beautiful happy finally, sunny day; until.

Until a man driving a white van intentionally pummeled into the crowd, and completely shattered everyone’s lives forever.

I was horrified inside my core. My daughter could easily be one of those poor innocent victims that day.

at 1:30 mommy I would have been crossing Yonge street to go to the dollar store, but I was late 10 minutes”

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