10 signs of an awesome Foodie partner

I recently had a discussion with my daughter about the word ‘Brunch’ and how by just saying this word, can make anyone happy!

Come on, say it! Well…doesn’t it make you feel happier, cuz I do and all I’m doing right now is writing about my favorite topic, FOOD. (okay fine, I have a cup of java and an awesome slice of chocolate mousse cake beside me) Lol.

If you take a look at my social media, you’ll know that my Instagram profile & Instagram stories are filled with foodie pix. So, what goes along with food? A perfect foodie partner!

I can say that my daughter; is the greatest foodie partner on the planet. Next to her would be my bf Fernanda and then the 3rd place would be my hubby who eats way too fast to enjoy a meal and the beautiful ambiance around us. (but he picks up the bill, so that’s even more awesome!)

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My 10 New Year Goals

Hello, and Happy New Year! It’s 2019 and I’m sure like the rest of us, we all make a mental note of our “New Year Goals”.

A new year, an opportunity to start fresh. This year I plan to live my life as authentically and harmoniously, as possible.

I want to be happier and carefree and just seek those who make me smile, laugh and act kind of stupidly (sometimes).

Here’s my list, comment below and jot down some of your ultimate New Year Goals!


  1. Not give a shit of what people think anymore
  2. Seek those who seek me for quality time
  3. Be more honest than I’ve ever been
  4. Weed out negative energy & people
  5. Go out more with people
  6. Have more ME time
  7. Travel more
  8. Find cute cafes
  9. Dance more
  10. Take care of myself first

Happy New Year and make sure you do what’s good for you.

What makes you happy?

What makes you feel alive?

Do that.



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Brand Ambassador-The Great North Apparel

I’m a Brand Ambassador at The Great North Apparel, based in Toronto, Ontario.

The Great North Apparel found my picture on Instagram and invited me to become one of their ambassadors. After Googling their website and took a look at their product and what they stood for, I happily accepted.

Being a brand ambassador to The Great North Apparel means agreeing to wear and promote their clothing brand, in exchange for posting my pictures wearing their apparel on their Instagram profile & stories.

The organizations they support are; The Tree Canada, Polar Bears International, and Ocean Clean up10% of their profits go towards saving the environment!

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