Golden Milk Recipe

What’s your evening routine before going to bed? Do you crave a nice warm cup of something? Well think no more, try Golden Milk!

Golden Milk is a warm beverage and it has a hint of spice to it and tastes delicious. It also helps you get a good sleep at night and has many positive health benefits.

Golden Milk is also known as “Tumeric Tea”, with its beautiful golden color of Tumeric!

On the Japanese island of Okinawa, Tumeric Tea is their #1 beverage go to. It treats inflammatory, joint pain, cognitive function, and depression to name a few. With its ingredients of Tumeric, black pepper and ginger, this beverage has an amazing flavor, I’m so addicted to it!

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Tyberious is my happy – Oct 2017

My one year and four-month-old Rottie, Tyberious is my happy. Today as I write this, he isn’t with me. He’s at the dog sitter with Joey. Joey is an awesome person who truly dedicates her life to caring for dogs. She is always happy to have a Tyberious visit, and he too enjoys being there.

Today I’m inclined to write about him to you and tell you how fantastically happy he makes me feel!

Currently, I’m off work for a while recovering from surgery. As I prepared for the upcoming surgery a couple of weeks ago, I knew part of that planning was placing Tyberious, my little boy, to the dog sitter. Ugggh! and now here I am, without him.

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Her Majesty’s Pleasure – Review Oct 2017

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

556 King Street West, Toronto, ON

For my birthday my favorite daughter brought me here as a surprise. “Let’s walk down King street west mommy, it’s such a beautiful day” she exclaims, and of course I happily oblige. I’d go anywhere with my daughter. After all, she is my favorite daughter, right? Just so you know, she is my only daughter. I have two sons, and this is our private family joke and it’s written in practically all the awesome cards, she’s given me/us. So now you know too!

“Oh my God, let’s go in here,” she says, and I’m thinking holy this place is beautiful and posh and omg this is so me, we have to come back here.

As she goes deeper into the back of the salon, I, of course, take my usual selfies, even though we aren’t staying. So I thought!

“Mommy, let’s look in here!” Here, is where all the awesomeness happens. We both look at the array of nail polish colors.

Then she says “Pick your color”!! I’m shocked, dumbfounded, confused and excited as hell all at the same time.

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