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Resort & Spa Reviews

Hotel Roc Barlovento (Cuba) – Review June 2018

Hotel Roc Barlovento Located at the beginning of Varadero Strip June 8th – June 12th, 2018 Ambiance My girlfriend Fernanda and I arrived around 11:30 pm and my first impression of this hotel at night was a disappointing one. It was small, simple, basic and very unassuming. The reception desk to the left looked outdated and the bar to the right was crowded and the air was stale and full of smoke. People milled around the bar and smokers filled all the lounge chairs and tables that were available. Check-in, was painfully slow, as the gentleman, registered us. He was pleasant enough and described where all the facilities were located, as he handed me the resort map. It took a while to finally head to our rooms. The bellboy helped us with our bags, which I was totally grateful for.

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Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – Review April 2018

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Luxury Hotel April 1st – 4th 2018 Ambiance I brought my husband here as a birthday gift to him for his milestone 50th birthday. Upon entry to this awesome hotel,  we were greeted by such a beautiful lobby.  The glass-paneled columns were equipped with digital background scenes. It changes colors and designs often and you can’t help but be transfixed as you wait in line for check-in. The mirrored ceiling and shiny floors, made this lobby feel a bit bigger than it really is. The Chandelier lounge is to your right and just begs to be photographed. The lobby was busy with people checking in and the lineups were a little scary if I can remember, it was about six lines for check-in, in total. After 15 minutes we were checked in and given our room key for the 51st floor. We were excited. I asked what

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Club Hotel Riu Bachata – Review Jan 2018

  Club Hotel Riu Bachata Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic January 1st – January 8th Ambiance This is my 3rd time at this Riu chain resort. Everything is the same, except the color of the fabric on their furniture in the lobby that has been updated. Arrived here at 12:30 in the afternoon, with my husband and middle child (son) in tow. The lobby was very busy as a busload of people were hurriedly checking in, including myself. I was second in line and as I signed my life away for the envelope that contained our towel card, room, and safe key, I looked around with a happy familiarity. I glanced hungrily towards the main buffet and looked longingly towards the pool, that was beckoning me. In the middle of the lobby was this beautiful tall and big Christmas tree, decorated in red. It was a pretty sight I thought, and

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