Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse- Restaurant Review 2017


Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

205 Marycroft Ave, Woodbridge, ON

Went here for dinner for my youngest son’s birthday, in May.

Don’t go here.


First impression was Ok. Lively, kind of too loud, boxed in feeling, did I say really noisy?

Buffet is at the front of the restaurant in an L shape. Tables situated left, right, center and to the back. We were seated at the back with a couple of steps up, to reach our tables. Pretty good view of the whole place as we were slightly elevated. Busy near our tables, as everyone is situated pretty closely to each other, therefore servers and meat holders are running into each other.


I am writing this in bullet form so you get the gist of how awesome the staff and service was!

  • no water for a thousand years, waited a million years for water to come
  • dirty plates were not replaced in a timely manner, so hubby had to get up a thousand times to replenish them
  • our server paid no attention to our needs and never anticipated anything through out the night
  • did i mention server was invisible?
  • no warm greeting from server: are you celebrating an occasion tonight? Nada!
  • dancers were performing in the middle of the restaurant constantly blocking patrons from the buffet
  • had to wait for their performances to finish, then be able to continue with your meal
  • the guys serving you the meat and pineapple took forever as well


Food was good, it took forever to come and when it did, it was very tasty.

$50 per person and totally was not worth the effort to come here.

Final Thoughts

I would never come back to this location. They were unprofessional, inattentive, and unfriendly. The service was slow as molasses, to the point that you want to just up and leave all together.

It feels claustrophobic and too noisy and too close to other patrons. Too many bodies in one little ugly box. Go to the Eglinton & Yonge street location instead.

No pictures to post, totally not worth the slight bit of effort, to entice you in coming here.


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