Explore your City – Harbourfront Toronto – July 2020

On the weekend my papa and I went out on a date night downtown Toronto.

It’s been a while since we’ve visited there together because usually, it’s me who likes to gallivant in the busier areas and he’s not much of a fan.

This particular day he was and I fully embraced his enthusiasm, you know what I’m talking about right girls!

During this pandemic, its a great time to explore your own city instead of traveling far; and my city is beautiful Toronto.

Harbourfront is a 10-acre site nestled along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. On a sunny day, it is such a beautiful stroll and many activities to catch your attention.

Here’s a link to beautiful images, take a look here!

There are many restaurants by the waterfront, just be prepared to stand in line and wait or leave your info and be texted when your table is available the way we did. (an hour wait)

The lake was full of sailboats and yachts, showboats, taxi boats with customers being dropped on and off to Centre Island, you also have people on jet ski’s whizzing by and couples enjoying their dinner on one of many dinner cruises anchored temporarily on the shore.

We promised to come back and enjoy a dinner cruise! Here is a link I will be using.

I’ve noticed the crowd remained their distance and all restaurant employees sanitized diligently after each patron; I was impressed!

We ate our meal and people watched and enjoyed our evening. The ambiance and the surrounding was such a welcome change from where we live where it’s always quiet. I love a very stimulating environment and glad to have been out in a busy area for a change!

If you’re like me and need a place where it’s lively, a variety of food, many things to occupy the mind, places to sit and enjoy the waterfront and the lovely weather, well visit Harbourfront, it’s beautiful here.

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