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Hello There May

Happy new month my beautiful peoples. April dragged slowly for me as I’m sure everyone has been in the same boat. I can’t believe May is here and another month starts all over again. I can’t believe that I stayed home half of March and all of April; self-isolating is the new norm now in our lives. I hope and pray that we are soon on the road to recovery. I hope that this pandemic dissipates and we can all begin to re-assume our life and integrate back into society and into each other’s lives.

I cannot wait to sit in a restaurant and have an awesome meal and have beautiful conversations; amongst other people, again.

I cannot wait to be able to sit in a park without worrying that there’s a chance that I may get ticketed for sitting too closely with my loved ones.

I cannot wait to get back to work and be able to hug friends and sit side by side with my co-workers and not worry about catching anything.

I pray that we progress forward and stay home this month, so we can have a chance at summer.

I’m looking at the sunny side now, where we all defeat this tragedy and hope to see a brighter month.

I found this quote and so fitting for the month of May :

The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May

–Β  Edwin Way Teale

So please let it be possible, that on this new fresh start, let it be the beginning of the ending, we so desperately need.






2 thoughts on “Hello There May”

  1. You said it well, we are all in the same boat. I agree with you we must practice the new norm to be safe. We all are sharing the same feelings in our little world of isolation. Your hopes and wishes are hopes and wishes shared with millions of people across the globe.
    Stay Safe!
    Cheers to better, healthier and normal days! πŸ’–

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