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Her Majesty’s Pleasure – Review Oct 2017

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

556 King Street West, Toronto, ON

For my birthday my favorite daughter brought me here as a surprise. “Let’s walk down King street west mommy, it’s such a beautiful day” she exclaims, and of course I happily oblige. I’d go anywhere with my daughter. After all, she is my favorite daughter, right? Just so you know, she is my only daughter. I have two sons, and this is our private family joke and it’s written in practically all the awesome cards, she’s given me/us. So now you know too!

“Oh my God, let’s go in here,” she says, and I’m thinking holy this place is beautiful and posh and omg this is so me, we have to come back here.

As she goes deeper into the back of the salon, I, of course, take my usual selfies, even though we aren’t staying. So I thought!

“Mommy, let’s look in here!” Here, is where all the awesomeness happens. We both look at the array of nail polish colors.

Then she says “Pick your color”!! I’m shocked, dumbfounded, confused and excited as hell all at the same time.


Her Majesty’s Pleasure is an amazing girly girl salon and spa. Its decor is hip, trendy, modern, open concept and vibrant. Upon entry, you see high tables with stools to your left, an extensive cocktail/coffee/beverage bar ahead of you, the cash register and their cute little store at the back, where I bought my comfy flip flops ($45) from, an amazing room to the right of that where you do your mani at this bar like massive counter, at the back of that is where you have about six stations for your pedi’s, and finally to the left, is another spacious area to have your hair and make up done, along with a private long table to also handle an influx of customer’s for more manicures.

This place is floor to ceiling walls and has an abundance of natural light on a beautiful sunny day.

This salon/spa has many services; mani/pedi/make up application and hair services.  It can easily accommodate birthday parties or bridal showers.


Upon hearing that it was my birthday, the manager Jonathon gave us complimentary champagne. He was cheerful and accommodating and very welcoming, we both felt right at home. The ladies who did our mani’s were gentle and adhered to all my little wishes. The girl who did my pedi was also very gentle, I had such a relaxing pedi where otherwise, I’m usually tense. I really don’t like all the poking and prodding with my toenails and upon telling her this, she was absolutely gentle.

I’m a big baby!

Final Thoughts

I truly and highly recommend this awesome girly place to everyone, even if you’re a guy, who cares, you’ll have a great time and you’d enjoy the pampering with your significant other. The staff is absolutely welcoming and have great personalities and they offer many services. From the front end staff to the back, it really doesn’t matter. They are all hospitable, gracious, attentive and fun people.


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