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Kenny G! Concert – Oct 25th 2019

I had the best weekend ever Friday, October 25th.

I really wanted to post right away, but got so busy.

October 25th was Kenny G day. Everyone on my team at work, (there are 13 of us) knew that I was going and boy, the teasing went on forever!

They said I was so nerdy for wanting to see a Kenny G concert, and I’m like YEP, that’s right I’m seeing him and I said that loudly with a clear and concise tone as best as I knew how. (If you know me, well, it was pretty loud)

I had such an amazing time at his concert, there were even times I literally got teary-eyed. I was hell happy, oh my God.

You see, for those who don’t know me. I love to write and when I write, be it for school or writing a card, or creating this post, it is his music that gets me through it.

When I am sad, it’s his music that soothes me.

No other music can make my words flow, like Kenny G.

My mind checks out into a place that it is just me and my words and his saxophone.

My fingers fly fast and hard on the keyboard and before I know it, I have created something that I am proud of.

Creation of expression and emotions. A creation of what is in my head that’s laid out to share for all to read.

Kenny G’s music makes me so happy and when he played his saxophone, I was overwhelmed with happiness!

He was so amazing!

There were so many people of different ages and everyone was having such a great time and I was totally on cloud #9.

Thank you to my hubby who actually didn’t fall asleep and who put up with my excitement even throughout the night when the event ended.

And lastly, thank you to my friends at work, who I knew even through all the teasing, they were happy to know that I was seeing my Kenny G!

I’m hell happy right now.




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