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Magnone’s Italian Kitchen – Restaurant Review 2017

Magnone’s Italian Kitchen

1-190 Jozo Weider Blvd, Village at the Blue, Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON

Went here July for dinner, for our mini getaway staycation. Upon our arrival already the place was crowded and very very noisy. I’ve been here several times and I noticed that tables were missing and a crowd of people were gathered by the bar. I asked the hostess and she stated there was a wedding rehearsal dinner in effect. Great. We stayed anyways.


There are 2 floors and an outdoor patio. We ate on the main floor. Not much of an atmosphere here, not much of a personality either. The place was too loud with the added wedding party enjoying the bar a little too much. I noticed the other dinner goers that were seated, glancing at the loud group from their tables. They all wore an irritated and annoyed expressions.


We waited 20 minutes to be seated as we were walk ins and didn’t have reservations. Not bad for a Friday night. The wedding party grew louder and louder, as other patrons were trying to enjoy their one on one dinner to no avail.  I asked our server how much longer does the wedding party have at the restaurant. She informed us they will be moving to the top floor shortly.  My girlfriend and I waited with bated breath. They moved upstairs and the noise actually got louder!

Anyways, we put up with it.

Our server was attentive and always smiling and the food deliverance was actually good. So this made up for the horrific sound level of the restaurant.


Antipasto Platter $25.95

  • selection of cured meats, cheese, condiments, crostini
  • hot capicolo, spicy salami, prociutto
  • brie, blue cheese, parmesan

Friggin delicious and fresh and just yummy as hell!

Carbonara Pasta $19.95  (x’s 2)

  • Linguine, pancetta, green peas, red onion, garlic, egg yolk, grana padano parmigiano

You need to order this, its mouth watering! Order extra sauce, its amazing and creamy.

Final Thoughts

This place is way too loud to enjoy your dinner. I have been here several times and multiple times it has been noisy as well. The food was delicious and served piping hot. Our server was great. Due to the loudness, it would be my last visit.



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