Mother’s Day Poetry – May 12th 2019

On this day
I see us in our living room
With the sun shining around us
I sit on the carpeted floor
And you on the couch
Watching me
As I talk to my dolls and decipher which outfit to dress them in
I glance at you and we smile
Then suddenly I go beyond my years
And think of the day you won’t be with me anymore
So I start to cry and you are startled
By what I confide in you

What if that day would come
How would I live without you
How would I go on
And you say you will never leave me
And you’ll be right beside me
For always
I sit her here now
With grown children of my own
Without you
And not a day goes by
That I don’t play what ifs
In my mind
What if you met them
What if we built the same memories
What if I came through that door
And you were the one waiting for me on that couch
Watching me
Watching you
The love I have for you sits on the shelf
Revisited in my saddest day
Revisited on my happiest day
I visit you often
Wishing you can witness my life
As I witness everyone else’s
I’m lonely here
Without your unconditional love
Won’t you visit me in my dreams tonight?
It’s Mother’s Day…

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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Poetry – May 12th 2019”

  1. No matter where No matter when our Mothers will always be right there beside us !!
    I too feel the loss on each and every day as my Life and My Rock is no longer physically here , but i know she is watching and caring as always

    1. Hi Ron, thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, its good to know that I am not alone. There are days when I even drive up to our old apartment just to feel a little bit closer to her. It does wonders for me. Thanks again for being a great support on my blog, it means a lot to me. xoxo

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