Our Anniversary – November 10th 2019

We met in high school

In math class.

I see you in the cafeteria as I head into another class

Wondering why you’re not in one

I come back and you’re still there

And it’s lunchtime

I think to myself, this guy doesn’t take school very seriously

And wouldn’t ever date him.

We meet at my friend’s party

In her basement

And there you were

Looking gorgeous

Suddenly I feed you food from my plate

As Greggory Abbott begins his song

And we dance for the first time

I threaten to kill you many years later,

As you say your tired and want to take a quick nap in the hospital parking lot, as I go through contractions, willing our daughter to hurry up and join our lives.

You call me during the afternoon and asked what I’m doing and I said “I just put our boys down for their nap” and you said for me to say it again, and I asked to say what?

You said ‘our boys’…

We all lay down on the grass, all 5 us, in a circle with our heads touching, gazing at a million stars above us, as we hear the waves crashing onto the rocks, The Confederation Bridge in full view.

It’s Xmas morning as we hear our children yelling at us with excitement to hurry up so we can open gifts, they are all adults.

This is our life together, our marriage, our commitment…

It shows real strength & real love.

Happy Anniversary to us.

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