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Pearl Bayview Chinese Cuisine Review 2019

Today my daughter and I went to Bayview Village located in Toronto, in search of a place to sit and do some serious computer work.

We thought a cup of java and decent wifi would certainly do the trick for the afternoon.


We stumbled upon, Pearl Bayview Chinese Cuisine and fell in love with the foodie aroma that tickled our noses. So in we went!

This small, pretty but quaint restaurant was starting to get busy just after 1:30 pm on a weekday.

We were seated promptly by a friendly smiling person.

As servers placed amazing looking Dim Sum dishes at our surrounding tables, I was already salivating. Chinese food is absolutely my favorite, and to have my best foodie partner in the entire world, as my eating companion, I knew I’d be having a great lunch today!

Our server was prompt with serving our water and tea.

Then we settled in and studied the menu like we were studying for an important exam. If you love food, just as much as we do, then you know full well what the heck I’m talking about.

These are the delicious and scrumptious food we ordered:

Har Kau (Shrimp Dumpling)

Siu Mai (Meat Dumpling)

Deep Fried Egg Plant Stuffed with Shrimps

Sticky Rice in Lotus

Fried Beef Short Rib with Honey Black Pepper Sauce

For Dessert, Sponge Cake!!

Each dish came right after another and was delivered hot. Just the way we all like to eat our dim sum, right?!

The best dish on the table was hands down the Fried Beef short ribs!

My God, let me stamp this into your lovely little heads, it was the best beef ribs I’ve ever tasted. So much flavor and melts in your mouth. You have to try this!

The Sponge cake, for dessert, really threw us off the edge and let me tell you, I was thankful I was wearing tights, instead of jeans!

So this place really is a must to visit, you won’t regret it.

Staff was very welcoming and very attentive.

The restaurant is clean and lively.

It may be a tad expensive for lunch or Dim Sum, but if you’re a foodie lover, you know you don’t care about these little things!

Also, this restaurant is in a shopping mall, so after or before you eat, you can visit it’s cute stores too!

If you have an amazing Dim Sum place for me to check it out. Please leave me a comment, I’d love to go too!



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    1. Hey Jill, if you like eggplant like I do, then you’ll totally love this! It’s also stuffed with shrimps, which is a double bonus!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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