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Residence Inn By the Marriott Buffalo – Hotel Review Sept 2019

We stayed at this cute hotel for our Labor Day weekend.

This hotel is located in Buffalo, New York, just about 2 hours away from Toronto. The drive was short and sweet and the border for the long weekend wasn’t bad at all. It was a breeze going through.

Upon entry into this hotel, I loved it instantly.

It was an open concept and had many areas to sit and relax and the atmosphere felt comfy from the start.

Check-in was a breeze as we checked in after 3 pm. So, no line-up.

Reception staff was friendly and fast to give our keys.

Parking was out front, which was very convenient.


We were on the 6th floor facing the street. You can also see the outdoor space by the pool, below.

Our room had 2 queen beds, a full kitchen and a living room with a sofa.

The bathroom was gorgeous and clean.

This room accommodated all four of us.

Main Floor

I loved this space. So many spots to lounge, an area with a television and more comfy seatings. They also had a cute little wall unit as a library.


The gym and pool and outside patio, and washrooms are all located on the main floor.

They also have laundry facilities which were very tidy and clean.


With our stay, came complimentary breakfast the next morning.

Breakfast was sufficient and the food to me was pretty good.

In their breakfast nook, you can find the usual; scrambled eggs, round sausages, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, pastries and you can also make your own waffles.

The coffee and tea bar was located by the tables outside the breakfast nook.

There was plenty of seats and it was comfortable.

My children woke up just in time for a 5-minute sprint for breakfast and when they got to the waffle stand, there was no more batter left. I went into the kitchen and even though it was 2 minutes before 10 am, I asked them for a refill, and they happily obliged. Yay!

At this hotel, there is a Starbucks and a bar called  The Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt served a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, cocktails, beer & wine. It was such a cute and inviting place to hang and grab a quick bite or snack and just chill.


My son used this facility and he was very excited to show me a basket full of earbuds if you forgot yours, how awesome is that!

Also, a water machine to fill your water bottle. (they thought of everything!)


The pool was lovely and had plenty of lounge chairs with towels for your use. I dipped my toe to test the water, and it was hell cold. So I decided not to be adventurous that day.

By the pool, you can find an outdoor space with an electric bonfire. It was so cozy and I enjoyed sitting there for a bit.


All staff we dealt with, were professional and aimed to make your stay a great one. They were courteous and always had a friendly smile.


Beside the hotel, you can find Walgreens, to purchase that one thing you forgot at home. (like my daughter’s toothbrush)

Final Thoughts

I would certainly return to this hotel. It was very comfortable and so clean. Everything was pleasing to my eye and it wasn’t noisy. The hallway was brightly lit and I felt safe going to and fro to my room.

We enjoyed our stay!







4 thoughts on “Residence Inn By the Marriott Buffalo – Hotel Review Sept 2019”

  1. This place looks and sounds amazing! Glad you had such a great time. It definitely makes me want to visit. My favorite part is the box full of earbuds! Are you kidding me?! Probably the most considerate thing anybody could do…and all gyms should take note 🙂

    1. Hi Huda, I know riiiiiight! All gyms should have this, it would be really awesome for those who are always in a rush and forget the most important item, their earbuds! LOL Thanks for visiting, Huda. xoxo

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