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Rottweiler’s are the best!

Tyberious is my 2-year-old toddler. He’s a rottweiler. He’s amazing. He’s the best.

We have  2 rottweiler’s in our lives. But right now I speak of him.

Many people are afraid of rottweilers it seems. From the way they pick up their little foo foo dogs when we share the same sidewalk, or from the way they cross the street, onto the other side of the sidewalk!

I can appreciate the fact that, Rottweilers are a pretty big and intimidating looking breed. But Tyberious, he’s such a sweet little baby. He smiles a lot, thinks a lot, loves a lot of hugs and attention. He hasn’t shown any kind of aggression, except OK, when guarding his house.

Other than that, he’s so loving, when people give him a chance, they truly fall in love with him.

He is truly my happy place. A place where I can truly love unconditionally, he pays so much attention to me, follows me everywhere, checks up on me when I’m sleeping, and watches me by the window, as I leave for work.

My family says I spoil him too much with lots of hugs and attention. But heck, isn’t that what we all do when we truly are in love?

Who here has a rottweiler, like my Tyberious? I’m sure they are all fun-loving, just like him.

Rottweiler’s ARE THE BEST!

Did I mention he loves chicken?

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