Self Isolation Apart

Yesterday my daughter came back from her holidays from British Columbia, and I was so excited that she was back. At the same time, I was so sad that she had to Self-isolate at the same time that I was.

I came from my vacation from Punta Cana last Friday. I spent a week of bliss in a hot country where the sun always rises along with all the folks that laid under it, each night.

I enjoyed my time fully basking under its rays and eating as much as I wanted and people watching and listening to the laughter and stressless conversations.

I come back into my homeland and step into the madness of people over buying everything and most of all toilet paper. Every photo and videos crisscrossing my social media hoarding of toilet paper. It was quite stressful to witness everyone doing this as I stood motionless in the Walmart aisle, wondering how come I’m not going crazy looking for toilet paper myself. Shouldn’t I be running around with my head cut-off buying out toilet paper? No. I visited two grocery stores and when I finally found toilet paper, I bought three packages and left the rest for others.

Suddenly everyone is self-isolating and I am here and my daughter is there, elsewhere; self-isolating apart. I am so sad.

We video what’s app’d and our expressions were not happy ones. I feel down in the slumps and low-spirited. Two weeks of this isolated from my daughter and my son who went downtown to isolate from me and my youngest hiding in his room. All self-isolating apart. To save each other from each other, where we all just want to be together.

It is going to be a month in total that I have not been with my daughter in the flesh.

I know that this must be done and that it’s very important to self-quarantine, in order to get a hold of this pandemic that has enveloped our world.

It’s just hard when I just want my family together.

I feel sad for all that is also in our shoes. Those loved ones who are self-isolating apart, such a scary time right now.

I wish everyone well and safe.

Are you self-isolating too? Are you alone? How are you feeling?

I’d love it if you shared your story and we can all be together in this.

Just my thoughts today.

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2 thoughts on “Self Isolation Apart”

  1. Miss you too, I’d much rather be at home doing our nails and watching scary movies with you. Thirteen more days! It’s for the best. Bake cookies or make your special spaghetti when I come back! (Or both teehee). See you soon mommy 🌹.

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