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#Selfcare – Journal Entry Aug 30th 2019

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

I love this quote from the famous poet Rumi.

This quote makes so much sense to me and just exudes such positivity into my soul. It brings clarity and a sense of acknowledgement to me that yes, I should seek those who fan my flames. I reflect on my past and cringe at the times that I put up with people who just constantly stomp out my fire. The people who are so full of themselves and don’t care about others and those who are selfish and never ask to get together and I end up being the one to always make plans and try to meet up for quality time.

Well, I’m so proud of myself for weaning off those negative energy’s.

Being in the company of those who also want to be with me, is the best feeling. The mood is light and I can be myself, without judgement. I can say anything without judgement and whatever I do, doesn’t offend anyone, because they get me.

Self care is a must in my life, nowadays. I’ve filled my life too much with crappy people and being with people who understand me and appreciate me, is one hell of an amazing change!

Do you have that someone who you can relate to you and brings to light so much of your self worth?

How about someone who willingly wants to spend time with you?

Or that awesome person who compliments the hell out of you, that you’re beginning to believe what they are saying?

A couple of months ago, as my co-worker and I head for the parking lot, she talked about how she’s always busy at work and that it’s all on her shoulders to plan things or clean the house or cook or have guests over at her house.

I recommended to her, that she should take time for #selfcare. To do what she wants to do and not always fulfill everyone else’s needs. To take even just four to five hours and just do her.

Today she came to me and said she gave thought to my advice and will be taking some time off, for herself, by herself. I was so happy for her!

What do you do for #selfcare ? Please leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

It’s an amazing feeling to finally put myself first.

#selfcare , know it, feel it, do it.



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