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Sentimentally Speaking

Happy Valentines Day, People’s!!

I love this day because it is the day I literally see everyone scramble to find that last minute something special, for their significant other. (not me though, I’m always prepared) LOL.

This is a day when I see random men, young & old, walking around the mall, with a bouquet of flowers, carrying a Victoria Secret little bag, or that white and black striped bag; we all know as Sephora!

The faces on these men are so damn cute, they are smiling and have that extra bounce in their walk. Excited to see their partner.

I love to see that kind of excitement, on a day like this!

For me, on this special day, I love getting cards.

I want you to write about your feelings/emotions about me, about us, and how I make you feel.

I want you to share what you love about me. I want you to verbalize it, instead of holding it back and always saying that “you know I love you, I come home to you every day.” That’s not enough.

I’m a very sappy, sentimental, emotional, compassionate and romantic soul.

You need to feed my soul.

I’m so easy to please on this special day: Flowers, an awesome well written-expression-of-love card and feed me.

Anything more that happens, would be a delightful bonus!

Sentimentally speaking, this is who I am. A woman who loves to love and be loved.

How about you? Are you a full-fledged romantic like me? Or is it just another ordinary day for you.

Comment below and share with me your thoughts, I’d love to know!

Happy Valentine’s Day peoples! Spread the love! Enjoy your togetherness today!





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