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Stone Gate Inn – Hotel Review Oct 2019

We stayed at this hotel because Kenny G was in town and the hotel looked cute and cozy.

The hotel was cute and comfy and very quiet.

Check-in was quick and the staff was very welcoming.

On our way to our room, we were greeted by hotel guests and also from the staff. Everyone was really friendly and immediately I felt great about that.

Our room was just right and very clean. We faced the parking lot at the front of the hotel and I was fine with that.

The bathroom had plenty of towels for just the two of us and was spotless.

There was a small kitchenette with Keurig coffee, microwave, and small fridge. We didn’t use any of these.

On the shelves beside the tv, I was happily surprised that they had a VCR, like how amazing is that? I haven’t seen a VCR in a thousand years. That was hell crazy! of course along with that, they also had a DVD player. But still, that VCR!!

My husband loved the bed, he wanted to ask where to buy one.

It was quiet when we came back from seeing Kenny G and from the moment we woke up.

No unwanted heard conversations between the walls. It was great!

The continental complimentary breakfast wasn’t bad either. It was busy but still, everyone looked happy including me.

They had a waffle maker and that makes me hell happy.

There is a pool and Gym, but we did not use any facilities.

The staff like I said were very nice and cheerful.

We were right beside  Foodland, a grocery store,  in case you wanted to buy snacks or something to munch on, in your room.

This hotel is about a 15-minute drive to Casino Rama.

It was a short but very comfortable and pleasant stay.


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  1. Wow so quaint and cosy too a must try!.. actually
    I could probably pack a few VCR TAPES as yes im old and i have like a few 100 still .. btw i also have a couple extra VHS players ‘like new’ you may have one – my gift to you .. keep Writing

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