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Tapagria Spanish Tapas Restuarant Review – September 2019

My husband and I went here for our usual dinner date night.

It is located in Richmond Hill and right off the highway.

Parking was quite challenging as there were many other fine restaurants in the area. We circled about three times to finally find a spot.

Tapagria is a charming Spanish restaurant with an open concept layout and a relaxed and chill atmosphere.

We were greeted by the host who was very welcoming. We were seated promptly and within seconds, had our glasses of water and menu in hand.

I loved the space of this restaurant because it was laid out perfectly. Booths were large and accommodated just the two of us awesomely. I just love my elbow room! Tables were pretty with minimalist settings. Clear glasses, white plates, a single candle and cutlery wrapped in blue and white napkins. Simple and elegant.

The kitchen was open concept and I just love that kind of setting in which I can see the kitchen staff prepare meals. The bar was extensive and had a really nice feel and comfortable look to it.


Food was amazing.

Tapas are shareable dishes and I was eager to order several dishes to sample and share with my hubby.

Clams & Chorizo.

A delicious and very delectable dish. The tomato sauce with minced ground beef was so yummy. 5/5 rating.

Spicy Patatas Bravas.

Cubed spicy potatoes which filled me up fast, so I didn’t eat too much of it in the beginning, in order to have more room for more dishes. It was spicy but really wasn’t one of my favorites. 3/5 rating.

Calamari Frito.

I love calamari! I didn’t give this a full 5 rating only because the batter was a little too crispy and had so much crunch to it. I don’t like crunch in my calamari. It was good though, 3.5/5 rating.

Mushroom Croquettas.

These were yummy as hell and I’m sure if my children were here, they would truly love it. Mushroom filled with creamy sauce. The sauce reminded me of Cream of Mushroom soup, encased in batter. Delicious! 5/5 rating.

Beef Empanadas.

Crispy light in batter and the beef was heavenly. Love it! 5/5 rating.

Bread. Just bare bread.


Staff was absolutely the best at what they do. Customer service in this restaurant was really outstanding for me.

The minute we entered and when we left for the evening, was just wonderful.

They were attentive, keen, engaging and cordial.

The best customer I have ever received in such a long time from a restaurant!

Our server was the best, it is unfortunate I didn’t get her name.

Final Thoughts

I loved this Spanish restaurant and will come back with my children in tow.

Even though it was on the pricey side, I would return to savor more items on their menu.

The ambiance was soothing with its Spanish playlist and easy-going banter that filled the room.

The decor, open concept, food, and the best customer service ever, will surely make this a repeat act for me.





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