The Cottage – Journal Entry Sept 5th 2019

As summer quickly comes to an end, I post this awesome picture of the cottage we stayed at in Haliburton last month.
I love this picture I took and if you look at this picture the way I do, you will see how beautiful the details are.
It moves me, this picture of the cottage.
The cottage not fancy but cozy, with its wide spacious interior and all the lights on in the house, explains to me that we love a bright home, not gloomy. It tells me how where ever we are, we totally live in our surroundings, nothing is left untouched.
All the lights are on in every room and all the windows are open, meaning we love the fresh air and the sounds of the lake.

The bonfire that my youngest son made, blooms beautifully into the lushes trees that envelop the cottage.
My husband is in a grand mood with his arms and legs stretched out in a relaxed yet playful manly mood.
My daughter is capturing her father as he happily poses for a picture, which I’m taking from inside the lake.
The sunlight is escaping and the water is dark, yet I’m relaxed as I make an imprint of this image in my memory bank.
Everything about this weekend flowed correctly, smoothly.
The cottage slept 12 but we only used 4 beds.
Our 2 Rottweilers also came with us and made the cottage feel, more cottage-y.
I love this picture. It lifts me up.
The nights were beautiful and the mornings breathtaking.
Thank you summer, for this memory.

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