When she’s gone…

When she’s gone

You won’t be able to hear her voice

Feel her  touch

Smell her scent

You won’t be able to sit with her and talk about your dreams

and talk about your fears

You won’t have another chance to hear her laughter

Or all that noise in the kitchen

You can’t tell her to be quiet

When she sings too loud

You won’t feel her presence, as she quietly sits at the end of your bed, as you sleep

or slowly open your door a crack, just to get a glance of you

She won’t wave at you from the front door or by the windowpane, as you back out of the driveway

You won’t feel her fingers caress your arm as you walk by

So take time to know her

Have patience with her

Spend time with her

Remember as you grow older, she does too

Because one day, you will miss all this

When she’s gone

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