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Blooming Success: My Journey as a Certified Floral Designer


Flowers have always held a special place in my heart, captivating me with their beauty and elegance. So, when I had the opportunity to enroll in a three-week-long floral design course, I seized it with both hands. Little did I know that those three weeks would be filled with challenges, growth, and ultimately, immense pride. In this blog post, I want to share my inspiring and heartfelt journey towards becoming a certified Floral Designer.

Diploma and Exams: Nerves and Triumph:

The moment finally arrived when we were presented with our diplomas, after completing a written test and a practical exam. The atmosphere was electric, with nervous excitement emanating from all my fellow classmates and me. The anticipation and the desire to succeed were palpable. We had poured our hearts into this course, and passing the test was the ultimate validation of our efforts. When the results were announced, a wave of relief and elation washed over us—we had all succeeded! It was a testament to our dedication and the guidance of our incredible teachers.

The Intensity of the Last Two Weeks:

As the course progressed into the second week, the intensity of the program increased exponentially. The pace became faster, and the pressure started to mount. It was during this period that I realized the importance of self-care and self-talk. Anxiety and stress threatened to overwhelm me, but I summoned my inner strength and reminded myself that I was capable of handling the challenges ahead. Taking breaks, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in activities I enjoyed became essential components of my self-care routine.

The Power of Support:

During this challenging period, the unwavering support of my spouse proved to be invaluable. His encouraging words and understanding nature became my anchor. His belief in my abilities gave me the courage to push forward and conquer my fears. Moreover, I discovered the strength that lies within me. Understanding my own mind, body, and reaction to stress allowed me to navigate the intense moments with a sense of calm and resilience.

The Joy of Learning and Connection:

Throughout the course, I discovered the immense joy that comes from learning and connecting with like-minded individuals. The people I met during those three weeks became an integral part of my journey. Sharing a passion for floral design, we formed a tight-knit community that supported and uplifted each other. Our teachers, Don and Melissa, played a vital role in fostering a positive and nurturing environment. Don’s sense of humour lightened the intensity of the class, while Melissa’s patience helped us grow and flourish.

A Proud Achievement:

Now, as I look at the floral arrangements and designs I created during the course, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride. The journey from a nervous beginner to a certified Floral Designer has been transformative. Each creation reflects my newfound knowledge, creativity, and dedication. I am proud to call myself a Floral Designer, and this achievement serves as a reminder that perseverance and hard work can yield remarkable results.


My three-week-long floral design course was an extraordinary journey filled with ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. The experience taught me the importance of self-care, the power of support, and the joy of learning. It allowed me to grow not only as a Floral Designer but also as an individual. As I embark on this new chapter of my life, I am inspired, motivated, and filled with gratitude for the unforgettable experience and the incredible people I met along the way.

Thank you to those who followed me through my floral design journey via daily instagram stories. You mean the world to me.

Take care & be safe.

6 thoughts on “Blooming Success: My Journey as a Certified Floral Designer”

  1. Congratulations 🎉
    Reading about your journey and the love that you have to invest and strengthening your knowledge and skills is admirable and inspiring 💜
    The photos of your work speaks loud and send a clear message— You are simply an AMAZING and certified florist!
    I wish you the best of luck and keep shining like always 🧿🎉💜

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