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Under the Moonlight – Poetry – July 23rd 2020

Under The Moonlight They stood hand in hand I could hear their gentle laughter I could hear their whispers They walked slowly with determination They were carefree with hesitation They sat on the same park bench, once a week, excited to see each other Like children on a playdate Their cars parked side by side Thinking they were being discreet He looking with love and devotion, always serious She with the eyes of a girl who found the meaning of true love The stranger watched from his balcony, the house with the view of the lake Smoking his pipe, a routine his wife of 40 years who did not approve But let it be because it made him happy Marriage is a hard work But it can work He should know he’s been there done that These two out there He knows what this is For many years he’s witnessed

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Pale Blue Silky Sheets – Poetry – July 20th 2020

She let her bags gently slide off her shoulder as she glanced around her room The room that she paid thirty dollars a week for In this strange house, she calls her new home With this new family, she finds a new beginning A new life, to start in whatever and however, she knows how At 16 going on 30 perhaps, she doesn’t know, but it seems like, for now It seemed like the world has stopped going round for her She keeps on moving, walking each heavy step She looks at the bed with its silky pale blue sheets and felt its coolness, or was it just how she felt The coldness and sterile part of the beginning of her journey Sadness tried to grip her heart and entire being, but she didn’t let it, for all she felt was nothing Her being numb and frozen Beyond this door

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In the heat of Passion – Poetry (July 16th 2020)

In the heat of Passion Words tumble on top of each other Hurled at each other, layers upon layers upon layers Uncontrolled, top speed, emotions run high Very high You’ve stopped breathing And you’ve realized there’s  no taking it back You want to, but can’t You’re sorry, but you’re not It’s the truth, but it’s not You just want to hurt each other, but you don’t Why are you saying this, but you do I hate you, but I love you I want to hurt you Because you’re killing me inside Get away from me I want you out of my sight But yet, when you leave I crumble Lost in the emptiness From the space, you just occupied Your scent that I love, lingers All this mess created Hurtful words tossed carelessly In the heat of Passion    

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