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Living My Dream: I am a Narrator

Introduction: There are moments in life when dreams become reality, and for me, that moment has arrived. I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be the narrator for an upcoming musical production that aims to promote healing, unity, and stand against violence, particularly targeting women and children. This remarkable event, presented by Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, promises to be a transformative experience that sheds light on important causes such as anti-violence, anti-racism, and creating a safer world for vulnerable individuals. Today, I want to share my excitement, gratitude, and passion for this opportunity that has allowed me to live out my dream while advocating for a greater cause. A Journey of Inspiration: From a young age, I discovered the joy of reading out loud and using my voice to bring stories to life. As I grew older, I became increasingly aware of the challenges faced by women and

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Blooming Success: My Journey as a Certified Floral Designer

Introduction: Flowers have always held a special place in my heart, captivating me with their beauty and elegance. So, when I had the opportunity to enroll in a three-week-long floral design course, I seized it with both hands. Little did I know that those three weeks would be filled with challenges, growth, and ultimately, immense pride. In this blog post, I want to share my inspiring and heartfelt journey towards becoming a certified Floral Designer. Diploma and Exams: Nerves and Triumph: The moment finally arrived when we were presented with our diplomas, after completing a written test and a practical exam. The atmosphere was electric, with nervous excitement emanating from all my fellow classmates and me. The anticipation and the desire to succeed were palpable. We had poured our hearts into this course, and passing the test was the ultimate validation of our efforts. When the results were announced, a

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The Lake House – A Journal Entry March 31, 2023

Welcome back! I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog again after my long hiatus. It means the world to me. Since my last post, a lot has happened. I moved into my Lake house in mid-March of 2022 and haven’t documented my journey as much as I would have liked. However, I’ve been keeping my followers updated with snippets of my life on Instagram stories. To be honest, I’ve been telling myself that all the thoughts I’ve written in my stories would add up to a good quantity of blog posts. I hope I haven’t given up on writing just yet. My time at the Lake house has been nothing short of amazing. Waking up every morning to a stunning lakefront view is an experience I’ll never forget. My backyard was the lake itself! Watching swans and ducks glide effortlessly across the water as the sun rises

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