Hello October – A Journal Entry – October 1st 2020

Well here were are and it’s October! My favorite month! Only because it is my birthday month LOL. I know I am so selfish. Ha!

On October 3rd it is my special day! But that’s another topic; let’s move on.

September moved on pretty fast, but not fast enough for me to have totally enjoyed the weather and the last month of summer happiness.

I explored Niagara Falls in early September, for a mini getaway with my husband and my daughter, and had a great time wandering Clifton Hill and the surrounding  Niagara Region. See my YouTube video and my travel post here.

I did a lot of eating out, as I always do because as you must know already, I am such a foodie lover and always love to try new restaurants.

Here is a couple of them:

Pho Metro – Vietnamese Cuisine –  located in Scarborough


Delicious all the way! My son recommended this place to us and, I am most certainly going back to try other things on their menu.

Isaan Der – Thai Kitchen – Located at Davisville Village


I went here with my daughter it is around her area.

Also down the street from her, we went to this gorgeous rooftop and it’s so chill up there!

A few days ago my daughter and I went to Collingwood for another little getaway. My sister lives there and due to COVID, I wasn’t able to visit her. This time I decided to kill two birds with one stone and booked a couple of nights at a new hotel, and made it fun. We visited her in between and at the same time had a blast doing what we wanted to do as well.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel is brand new and it was so fun running up and down the hallway being free from anyone being around, (on our floor) well at least for the first night we were there. (Friday) By Saturday it started to fill up. The hotel is beautiful and the staff welcoming. Check out my post about it here.

The weather was beautiful last weekend!

This month also acknowledges National Daughter and Son Day. It’s nice to have a day dedicated to our children who give us color into our lives. The joy my kids have brought into my life the day they were born I cannot explain, but I cherish all the memories since they were babies. I love them to the moon and back!

Last but not least, the COVID situation.

As of today, the numbers have been unfortunately rising; and so is my anxiety. People have been enjoying the summer weather as expected but also has been throwing caution to the wind as they say, and yup, the numbers have shown, we may be bracing for a 2nd wave. Help us all!

This is not as we wished for I’m pretty sure and well, we need to really get our gears checked and buckle down.

I know that it’s hard to not be outdoors with such gorgeous weather, but seriously, throwing parties of over the agreed amount of people? Attending massive gatherings at parks without any considerations of social distancing? Having beach parties and leaving all the mess for City workers to clean it up? I still see people inside shopping malls not wearing masks! I’m wearing my mask to protect you, why aren’t you giving me the same damn courtesy to protect me?! I don’t get it.

Also, coming out of grocery stores and seeing discarded disposable gloves on the ground, are you kidding me?!  Come on now, this is our City, you and I share it, we live it, respect it, and love it. Be good it to it and don’t do shit like that.

Let’s be aggressively responsible to ourselves and each other folks. Christmas is soon to arrive and let’s make it a happy one, we can do it, right?!

September was a blast and I’m sorry that it flew by so fast.

Happy October everyone, be safe. Stay in your small circles. Keep the masks on.







Hello September – A Journal Entry 2020

I cannot believe that August has come and gone, yesterday!

It really went that fast for me; but happily, August was very good to me. (I have a smile on my face by the way)

There were many happy highlights to mention so let’s get going with that.

Toronto finally opened its doors to everyone who wanted to be amongst the living and that would be me!

I dined, went to a movie, went out shopping, tried on clothes, ate ice-cream and sat in parks, jumped on the subway, stayed at a hotel, went antiquing, stayed at a cottage, went kayaking; and had a marvelous time!

Yes, yes I did.

I finally felt free to do so and finally had a bit of my life back. Of course, proceeded with caution; I’m not totally crazy!

Seriously, going back to normal was what I needed to feel better. Being cooped up inside hiding and socially distancing for so long and hibernating in the house for so long took such a toll mentally, I was just going insane in my head. I needed to go back to what it was before COVID hit. I needed this. I’m sure I’m not alone.

I still wear my mask, I still use hand sanitizers every second I lay my eyes on them and whenever I see a crowd of people, I can’t help but get anxiety and I instinctively and gradually move away from them.

So it has come to this, that even though I want to be around people and see people, I just don’t want to be too close to them.

This will be the norm, isn’t it? This makes me sad. Gone are the days when friends show love and affection through human touch, with a hug and a kiss. Nowadays, you’re very leery of that and only your close circle can be allowed to do that without fear of catching anything.

September is month 7.

Month 7, looks and sounds crazy. Unbelievable still, where we are in this world of  COVID.

What will September bring?

Nothing but goodies, please and thank you…




Hello August! – Journal Entry – August 2020

Well, folks, here we are into 6 months of this pandemic and we have made it into Stage 3! Halleluia!

Stage 3 when indoor dining can finally happen, when the gyms are open (with masks on) and how comfortable is that I’m asking myself, the theatres are open, children can happily be free to play on the playgrounds and book lovers can enter their favourite libraries, just to name a few.

Stage 3 finally came and things really are starting to look back to normal. I went to the mall yesterday and was in awe when I saw the food court populated with people eating their meal at the table. It felt odd but quickly realized this is what it is supposed to look like and my brain got so used to it being the other way around, empty. How quickly does our brain become used to assimilate into what we are supposed to do because of rules and the new norm that we forget what used to be normal, do you follow me?

It seemed to me that summer is flying by. It felt like all I/we did was listen to the news and see where we are at with this virus and how our country is doing and how much have we progressed and will we progress and where will we progress to?

Now I feel I can breathe a little better because it seems everything is back to normal, slowly but surely; or is it?

Time will only tell our fate and will once again wait and hear our fate in the news.

In the meanwhile, let us all enjoy this month of August and the wonderful news of Stage 3; a sense of freedom.

Freedom to enjoy more company. A choice to dine indoors or out. A chance for our children to play where they want again, more room to spread our wings and enjoy the month of August before September begins to roll in.

Let’s do this though with caution still, but with a dash of happiness and a sprinkle of what we used to be, of our old selves; doing what we love. Or maybe not? But at least now we have a choice, right?

Stay safe my peoples, lets keep our masks on, let’s keep washing our hands, let’s keep social distancing, so we can move happily forward and not backward.