Mother’s Day Poetry – May 12th 2019

On this day
I see us in our living room
With the sun shining around us
I sit on the carpeted floor
And you on the couch
Watching me
As I talk to my dolls and decipher which outfit to dress them in
I glance at you and we smile
Then suddenly I go beyond my years
And think of the day you won’t be with me anymore
So I start to cry and you are startled
By what I confide in you

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Our Song – Poetry May 3, 2019

When you walk into the room
It’s as if I’ve never seen you before
I look at you from head to toe
And like the way your body moves
I look at what you are looking at
And wonder what you’re thinking
As you cross the dance floor and search for me
I purposely hide behind someone
Just to see your expression of wonder
Where are you
Your face says
This is our song
And even though
You’d rather shy away from everyone
You know I’d like to dance
And melt away the night
Into each other’s arms
Cuz this is our song
For which we had our first dance
When we felt each other’s skin
Through our long sleeved winters garment
On that winter night
Among people we barely knew
Only because
You were going
And so was I
So here we are
After a million years it’s seems
Surrounded by all the people we know
Feeling the same way
Reminiscing the night we danced
To our song

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