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Into December – Last Journal Entry Year 2021

And here we are people’s, into December; the last journal entry of year 2021, can you believe it!!! Amazing isn’t it!

Yes. Yes it is. Can you see the smile on my face.

The calm and content smile accompanied with a sigh of relief that we made it safely. Here at the end of the year. Safely. Thank you. I am grateful.

Grateful for many things that this year has given me.

A lot has happened this year, there were many ups and excitement and happiness and some downs, disappointments, but never regrets.

The year started off as the beginning of planning my retirement and how to start telling my close friends that I was leaving. That was the hardest part. To tell them.

To actually hear my voice as I tell them and to hear them reciprocate my sadness accentuate my sadness even more. I smile at this by the way, before I couldn’t. See? Time does heal all wounds. You have to remember not to wallow in it. It is though easier said than done. I’m just having a strong day right now. Ha ha.

Summer was spent doing many renovations and preparing our house to sell, as part of our plans and goals for our future. We did do happy things during the summer months but stayed inbound much to my dismay, as for those who know me, I do love to board on a plane and be whisked away onto a beautiful resort & spa, its been far too long already! (sad face here)

Living in Toronto there are lots to do and see and my daughter & son lives downtown Toronto, so Harbourfront is just a hop and skip from their doorstep.

Last month the fall season was so gorgeous I was downtown every other day!

These are the foodie places I went to in November located in downtown Toronto, that you need to go to:

  1. Kinton Ramen – I love spicy noodles
  2. Oretta – Awesome Brunch – Don’t forget their Cafe at the back!
  3. Madame Levant – OMG their pancakes
  4. The Parlour – Love their pizza
  5. Bubble Lee – For those bubble tea lovers, like me!!
  6. King Taps – More pizza

My daughter and I went to Immersive Klimt Art Exhibit  for our usual mother/daughter date. We had a great time.

In October for my birthday she took me to Beyond Monet Toronto  and

last year 2020 also for my birthday she took me for very 1st Immersive Van Gogh

In our opinion the Van Gogh was the best one!!

Last month Papa & I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. It was very low key and usually we would be travelling but like I said, we were busy with final home renovations.

We ate here and it was damn delicious! We’ve been here before and just had to come back to relish it all over again! The Lobster’s were amazing!

As a tradition we put up our Christmas tree as a family together. We had dinner first, but this time at a restaurant as we needed to keep the house tidy for showings, then we headed back to the house.

It’s sad that this is our last Christmas here but we all know its for the betterment of our future and its time to move onto beautiful things to come!


The most important thing I learned most about this year was relationships. It was really a roller coaster ride for me.

Being happy. Being sad. Being shocked. Being surprised. Being humbled. Being delighted. Being everything. It was just a crazy ride of emotions.

Relationships take a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to be all in it and everyone needs to be on board and take time and make time and be present.

You need to acknowledge and be acknowledged. You need to express your feelings and need to handle criticism and understand nobody is perfect and accept your imperfections.

You need to forgive each other for the things they did not know at the time and allow each other room to grow and improve to be better.

You need to know those who seek your company want your company and those who don’t reach out, don’t, and accept that.

I learned that during this Covid I began to know people’s true colours and it is really mind boggling. Some were outstandingly truly amazingly beautiful, and some were just wow, where the hell did that come from? and whaaaaaat?

I learned how much I truly loved the people I worked with and how much they loved me back and our goodbye’s were the out most heart felt emotion I’ve felt in such a long time. It felt so good and damn amazing to hear everyone’s farewell speeches and kind words, and those feelings will stay forever locked in my memory bank.

I am grateful for this knowledge and with this I can happily move forward with a peace of mind.

I wish for you all a very happy new month, a joyous December and beautiful time celebrating the holidays with your loved ones.

Remember those who are alone, check up on them. It won’t hurt to invite them over perhaps. Maybe a cup of coffee and dessert somewhere as an alternative? Perhaps a conversation before you head off for Christmas holidays after work or school? It would mean a whole lot to that someone who doesn’t have anyone.

It just takes a moment to acknowledge someone and wish them well over the holidays, to let them know they matter to someone and that they exist.

I know, I’ve been there before. I didn’t have family from the time I was 16. It was really hard and lonely and I didn’t have anyone. So I’ve been there.

It would have meant the world to me, if someone did that. Be that for someone, even for just a moment.

Take care, be safe and Happy Holidays.

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