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In the heat of Passion – Poetry (July 16th 2020)

In the heat of Passion

Words tumble on top of each other

Hurled at each other, layers upon layers upon layers

Uncontrolled, top speed, emotions run high

Very high

You’ve stopped breathing

And you’ve realized there’s  no taking it back

You want to, but can’t

You’re sorry, but you’re not

It’s the truth, but it’s not

You just want to hurt each other, but you don’t

Why are you saying this, but you do

I hate you, but I love you

I want to hurt you

Because you’re killing me inside

Get away from me

I want you out of my sight

But yet, when you leave

I crumble

Lost in the emptiness

From the space, you just occupied

Your scent that I love, lingers

All this mess created

Hurtful words tossed carelessly

In the heat of Passion



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