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Summers End – A Journal Entry

The last time I wrote in my blog was July. I took a break from writing for two reasons. Its summer and I wanted to just enjoy my time and the other reason was because I was stuck. Stuck because of my own fears of just not knowing what to write about and what will interest people and will it be engaging enough and will my content be enough for you to come back and read more of what I have to say. See, that was my problem. That enabled my creativity and stopped the number one thing I did best, was to express myself through this; writing. I love to write, I love to say what’s on my mind and I love to share whats happening in my life and whats happening with me. I’ve been writing since I was 12 and I used to climb on trees with

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Hello July – A Journal Entry 2021

Well hello again thank you for being here; and Hello July! Also Happy Canada Day!! I wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to you !! June just whizzed on by and here we are in the middle of summer and how awesome is that! The weather has been co-operating with us for sure and June has been spent outdoors out and about and that for sure has been doing wonders for my mental health. Lets start with the most important day in June; Father’s day! We celebrated Father’s Day, with outdoor dining as we finally had the green light in Toronto to dine out! So relieved to be out and to feel somewhat normal and feel alive and enjoy and celebrate outside of the house! We dined downtown Toronto, as per usual, because its our favourite place to be. The weather was awesome, but we ate lunch in the

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Hello June – A Journal Entry 2021

Ahhh the smell of freshly blooming flowers and the sounds of chirping birds happily fills all my senses, hello and welcome my beautiful June month! Love love love June and what it brings for us. The sunshine, the endless walks to the waterfront or that bench at the park and to people watch or have deep and meaningful conversations, while you sit and chow down your favourite foodie. June the promise of open toed shoes, floral flowy dresses, shorts, straw hats, sunscreen, long early drives to the country with the windows down and listening to your favourite 80’s jam. (okay maybe not your type of music but mine, LOL) June where the man of the house works around the house and fixes this and that or makes planters for their wives and a herb planter for himself, LOL you know who I’m referring to right? Haha. I’m so excited that

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