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Into December – Last Journal Entry Year 2021

And here we are people’s, into December; the last journal entry of year 2021, can you believe it!!! Amazing isn’t it! Yes. Yes it is. Can you see the smile on my face. The calm and content smile accompanied with a sigh of relief that we made it safely. Here at the end of the year. Safely. Thank you. I am grateful. Grateful for many things that this year has given me. A lot has happened this year, there were many ups and excitement and happiness and some downs, disappointments, but never regrets. The year started off as the beginning of planning my retirement and how to start telling my close friends that I was leaving. That was the hardest part. To tell them. To actually hear my voice as I tell them and to hear them reciprocate my sadness accentuate my sadness even more. I smile at this by

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Falling into November – A Journal Entry 2021

So just like that October has ended and here we are falling into November. November 1st marks a full month of me being retired and I can say, the month went by a little slow as expected, because well I chilled all month long. Here’s a run down of a month into retirement. The first two weeks of October I spent celebrating my retirement and birthday! It was really overwhelming for me emotionally. October 1st I retired and October 3rd was my 55th birthday and so it really was a crazy time for me and my feelings and emotions were at an all time high. My co-workers who I now call my family, gave me such a beautiful virtual send off, I was beside myself with happiness and felt so loved. As I sat there and listened to everyone give their goodbye speeches to me, I was in awe on

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#Retired – My New Beginning – A Journal Entry – October 1st 2021

Hello friends! and yes, you read that right. #Retired As of Friday October 1st 2021 at 4:30pm marks my last day of working for the City of Toronto. I will officially will be retired and my new beginning will start on the weekend, right at the same time as my birthday on Sunday October 3rd. It really feels so crazy right now as I write this. So many emotions run through me and I’ve been feeling that I’ve been on a roller coaster for weeks on end; no scratch that, months on end. I’ve been telling my closest friends and co-workers here and there and now all of sudden the day is here. I cannot believe that after 31 years with the City here I am ready to do absolutely whatever I want! Sleep in, stay up late, go wherever for how long and never ever have to ask for

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