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Hello June – A Journal Entry 2021

Ahhh the smell of freshly blooming flowers and the sounds of chirping birds happily fills all my senses, hello and welcome my beautiful June month! Love love love June and what it brings for us. The sunshine, the endless walks to the waterfront or that bench at the park and to people watch or have deep and meaningful conversations, while you sit and chow down your favourite foodie. June the promise of open toed shoes, floral flowy dresses, shorts, straw hats, sunscreen, long early drives to the country with the windows down and listening to your favourite 80’s jam. (okay maybe not your type of music but mine, LOL) June where the man of the house works around the house and fixes this and that or makes planters for their wives and a herb planter for himself, LOL you know who I’m referring to right? Haha. I’m so excited that

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Hello May – A Journal Entry 2021

Well well well, we are into May and I am feeling great about that, and how about you!? I most certainly hope that you feel the same way, because May means that warmer weather is soon to come and warmer weather means that we can get the heck outta the house and be outdoors and just breathe and soak in the sunshine. Hello May!! May is a month for progress. I can taste it in the air. Why? Do you ask me, well because April 28th Papa and I got vaccinated and I am hell happy! Excited actually. I really felt all emotional the moment I was injected. I felt that yes a road to extra protection headed my way. Yes I know that I will still wear my mask and yes I will still wash my hands  and yes I will still social distance, but this vaccination right here

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Hello April – A Journal Entry 2021

“April showers bring May flowers’ great then, because I cannot wait for warmer weather, can you?! Hello April, so happy that you are here! Right?! Is it me or time is really moving fast? For me it surely is. Even though I am working from home and I swear it’s driving me totally bonkers (said with an English accent) because I tend to do that once in awhile, (if you follow me on Instagram on my stories, hahaha) Like seriously, are you all still sane? What keeps you sane anyways, its been a year since Covid  entered our lives and here I am still saying Hello March Hello April still nothing much to report but..I’m here and love to write about it for you. I live in Toronto and we recently opened up the patios for outdoor dining, but Durham region has been open for in-dining and that’s where we

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