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Hello October – A Journal Entry – October 1st 2020

Well here were are and it’s October! My favorite month! Only because it is my birthday month LOL. I know I am so selfish. Ha! On October 3rd it is my special day! But that’s another topic; let’s move on. September moved on pretty fast, but not fast enough for me to have totally enjoyed the weather and the last month of summer happiness. I explored Niagara Falls in early September, for a mini getaway with my husband and my daughter, and had a great time wandering Clifton Hill and the surrounding  Niagara Region. See my YouTube video and my travel post here. I did a lot of eating out, as I always do because as you must know already, I am such a foodie lover and always love to try new restaurants. Here is a couple of them: Pho Metro – Vietnamese Cuisine –  located in Scarborough   Delicious

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Hello September – A Journal Entry 2020

I cannot believe that August has come and gone, yesterday! It really went that fast for me; but happily, August was very good to me. (I have a smile on my face by the way) There were many happy highlights to mention so let’s get going with that. Toronto finally opened its doors to everyone who wanted to be amongst the living and that would be me! I dined, went to a movie, went out shopping, tried on clothes, ate ice-cream and sat in parks, jumped on the subway, stayed at a hotel, went antiquing, stayed at a cottage, went kayaking; and had a marvelous time! Yes, yes I did. I finally felt free to do so and finally had a bit of my life back. Of course, proceeded with caution; I’m not totally crazy! Seriously, going back to normal was what I needed to feel better. Being cooped up

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Hello August! – Journal Entry – August 2020

Well, folks, here we are into 6 months of this pandemic and we have made it into Stage 3! Halleluia! Stage 3 when indoor dining can finally happen, when the gyms are open (with masks on) and how comfortable is that I’m asking myself, the theatres are open, children can happily be free to play on the playgrounds and book lovers can enter their favourite libraries, just to name a few. Stage 3 finally came and things really are starting to look back to normal. I went to the mall yesterday and was in awe when I saw the food court populated with people eating their meal at the table. It felt odd but quickly realized this is what it is supposed to look like and my brain got so used to it being the other way around, empty. How quickly does our brain become used to assimilate into what

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