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Tessie’s Kitchen

Salmon Recipe

I love love salmon! It’s the most simplest meal to make and it’s healthy and it’s quick! Cooking salmon takes little time and that’s what you need when you’re so tired from work all day, but still want a delicious dinner! All you need to figure out what sides you want with it and off you go. I usually have asparagus or salad or quick Uncle Ben’s rice! I love my rice and if you want to change it up from plain steamed rice, pair it up with Uncle Ben’s.  They have a variety. This meal I chose Chinese Fried Rice. Just prep your salmon, throw it in the oven for 15-2o minutes, and voila! While the salmon is in the oven, your rice is on the stove cooking at the same time. Its really fast.

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My way Spaghetti Recipe

So my daughter loves spaghetti. But the way I make it, isn’t the traditional spaghetti with traditional Ragu spaghetti sauce. Its quite different but hell delicious otherwise! Its salty but also has a hint of sweetness in it. I’ve made a whole pot of this for our family parties at home, and it is always a hit! Ingredients Can of diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning Can of whole plum tomatoes Hot Italian Sausage Lean Ground Beef Onions Garlic Salt, Black Pepper, Pepper Flakes Bread crumbs Sugar Spaghetti

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For the love of Udon Noodles

So I totally love Udon Noodles, and I want to share with you how to make it like I do! One thing tho, I don’t provide any measurement tools. Why? Because I cook best with by sight and taste and estimation only. Believe me, you do enough cooking by the time you get to my stage, it will be hell easy!  Purchase your items here: Asian Supermarket Walmart This recipe is good for 2 people, double ingredients if more than 2.

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