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Jamaica Resort Review (2012)

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Lucea, Jamaica

Visited – August 2012 with my husband and children

First Impression

My first impression of this resort was that I died and went to heaven! It was so beautiful, I was totally in la-la land.  Everything from the moment I stepped off the bus and onto the lobby of Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa, was grandeur and majestic, and oh so very lovely and awesome! I surely hit the jackpot when I picked this resort for yet another one of our yearly family vacations.  I saw this, in my children’s eyes, as they looked back at me, mouthing the words ‘oh my god, mom’! As they dart here and there, gazing at the awesome infinity pool, and the beach with waves cascading against the rocks, and the immaculate well kept grounds that was beckoning  and welcoming you, saying, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, change into  your relax beach wear mode and get ready for a great time! Everything is Irie mon…

The view from the lobby
The view from the lobby

Awesome View from lobby
Awesome View from lobby
The lobby
The lobby


The Infinity Pool
The Infinity Pool

The Room

We had 2 rooms (Junior Suite) and both had plenty of space for everyone.  We each had a balcony with great views of the ocean. This was our view.

Our view. The small beach to our left, where you can read in peace...
Our view. The small beach to our left, where you can read in peace…

The Food

Negril Buffet

This is the main buffet and where we ate 5 days of our 7 days stay. It was fantastic. All who worked there were very attentive and welcoming. The food was terrific & plenty of variety. Really, who can complain at a buffet for god’s sake? Its a buffet! There is a choice for everyone, oh-my-gawwwwd!

A la carte

We tried the Indian and the Italian. Both were horrid to us, but the worse was the Indian.  Food was warm, not even hot. The wait was horrendous. It was first come, first serve and we waited over 2hrs just to be seated. When you were seated, you waited long for your meal to arrive as well, for that reason, we skipped dessert and headed back to the main buffet for that.

Jerk Hut


Located at Sunset Cove Beach, the Jerk Hut served awesome, melt in your mouth, to die for, Jerk Chicken! It was hell amazing. You need to trek on over there and try it!  Do you see the lounge chairs in the water? Go eat it over there, its amazing!

The Gym

My husband and the kids use this. I watched. Hehehehe.

Enclosed in glass. Clean. Good size. You can see the beautiful surroundings as you (they) work out. Why work out, really? You’re on vacation? Uggh.


This is more like it. Us girls, got our braids done. $2 per braid. It was cool. The spa is beautiful, as it should be. Jacuzzi is nice, didn’t do any services, just the braids, I’m already relaxed. What, with the Infinity pool, the awesome resort, the non stop pigging out, the beautiful hot weather, who needs to pay for more spa services?

Go Here & Do This!

Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios

Get ready for a very steep, slippery climb up a rocky watery hill! It was hell beautiful, amazing, wet, wild, scary ass thrilling experience ever! You need to try it! You need to wear your water shoes and you need to bring your water camera and you need to hold hands for dear life! We had a great time here but at times my daughter and I were scared because we are not that tall and some parts you need to really stretch to climb onto the next level of rocks. Some pockets of water were pretty deep, so just pay attention, and the current at times swept us away and strangers would instinctively just grab us before just almost, going over the edge! Yikes ! It was hilarious!

Rick’s Cafe

After a long day of almost killing ourselves climbing the steep slippery rocky hill of; Dunn’s River Falls, why not head on over to Rick’s Cafe and jump off the cliffs over there?? So that’s what my son and daughter did. Here is my son, doing just that.

The experience at the restaurant isn’t much to write about. The drinks were overpriced as far as I could remember, and the service, well, it was horrific. Everyone around us was grumpy. Everyone was hungry, everyone was hot, everyone just needed a cold glass of something, as the place was open: no windows, meaning no air condition, meaning: everyone was boiling hot! meaning: people needed service, but there wasn’t any!

Nevertheless, the sunset was beautiful!!! It was worth the visit to Rick’s Cafe: the scenery, to see people jump off the cliff’s and watch the fear in their faces right before they jump and to hear the people’s reaction as the jumpers finally get the nerve to jump! Rick’s Cafe has a lot going on, from cliff jumping, to taking a dip in the pool, to swimming in the ocean, or watching the sunset, or listening to the steel band or watching the tour boats sway lazily in the  distance, in the scorching sun, as their guests, enjoy the sunshiny day.

My son, jumping of the cliff's at Rick's Cafe

My son, jumping of the cliff’s at Rick’s Cafe

Jet skiing on 7 Mile Beach

7 Mile Beach, Margaritaville
7 Mile Beach, Margaritaville, Negril

Zip Lining in Negril

On our way Zip Lining
On our way Zip Lining
My daughter, zip lining .
My daughter, zip lining .

Flea Market in Montego Bay

This cutie pie I lovingly held as his grandmother made my daughter and I bracelets, at the flea market in Mo'bay.
This cutie pie I lovingly held as his grandmother made my daughter and I bracelets, at the flea market in Mo’bay.

Please note: As for prices of these excursions, I don’t remember them, that was way back in 2012, but now since I’m blogging, I will start to  record all my future excursion prices to share with everyone.

Final Thoughts

I loved loved Jamaica. Even though I last visited it August 2012, I knew that I cannot , NOT write about it. Unil now, just thinking about it, brings me such happy thoughts, I want everyone who reads this and who hasn’t visited Jamaica, to go and visit it! The weather everyday, was beautiful and hot and sunny and glorious. The scenery and the sunset’s were romantic and the excursions we partook was one that we so thoroughly enjoyed. The people were friendly and very welcoming. I would certainly a hundred percent go back again!! One more thing, girls, you have to save a bit more money while waiting for your flights departing  from Jamaica, as their airport is fantastic for even more shopping!! Just saying!




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