Hello March! Let’s make it Awesome!

Hello March! Let’s make it awesome!

I’m so glad that March is finally here! That means its closer to spring and I like that a whole lot!

February didn’t start off fantastic for me as I was battling with Vertigo, and it was just overwhelmingly sad. Being stuck at home and dealing with constant dizziness and laying down all day, was totally not fun at all. I wish that you never have to experience it!

Though February did bring my daughter and I to Niagara Falls for a mini getaway. Where we shopped and dined and had one on one quality time.

There was also Valentine’s Day and Post Malone; and hell, that concert was the best concert yet! Until now, I’m still going through my videos of me and my son just having such a great time together. My god!

March brings on new hope for me as I am on the road to recovery health-wise. So glad that all this sickness is finally leaving my body. I am looking forward to more writing most definitely and going out to places that make me happy. I have lagged a bit on my blogging but I am certainly rearing to start again.

In a few days, we are off on our first of the year vacation to Punta Cana and I can bearly contain myself! So glad for alone time with him, for consistent sunshine and resort living for a week. My god, we have certainly earned it.

Let’s go March, let’s make it awesome!

I hope everyone has a great month, a time to re-set and make fresh new plans and create beautiful content and memories.


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