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Bent Taco Collingwood Review 2019

Today I had the best Taco and Margarita in Collingwood, Ontario.

Where did I go you ask? At Bent Taco, that’s where.

You can check them out here.

Bent Taco is a Mexican restaurant that serves Tacos, Burritos and of course Mexican dishes. They are located in the heart of the downtown core of Collingwood. If you’ve been here before, you know the downtown core, is pretty small, Bent Taco is pretty easy to find!

I found Bent Taco on google and saw their ratings and said to myself, this would be a great Blog post, if the ratings were correct!

The ratings were spot on.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a lovely frame against the wall.

I’m like okay and nice sign.

In moments I was greeted with a welcoming smile and said for me to pick where I would like to sit. I was solo today so when I saw that there were a couple of  2 seater tables and a few more for larger groups, I hesitated. I really didn’t want a table all to myself.

I think the server read my mind and she said “or you can eat at the bar!” and so I did.

I ordered Baja Fish Tacos

This dish was served piping hot, crispy and delicious! I only ordered one because I wasn’t that hungry, I regretted that decision as soon as I gobbled it up much too quickly.

With my taco, I ordered their amazing Bent Margarita. This Margarita was the best I’ve had. It tasted beautiful and I said to myself, I would be returning here in the future for this awesome drink.

This restaurant exudes a very welcoming environment. The staff was attentive and friendly and even though when the restaurant started to fill up, they were patient with me, as I clicked away with my iPhone taking far too many pictures, and asking them to also take a picture of me, even though they were busy.

The restaurant has plenty of natural lighting which I loved and even though it’s a little quaint, and they were almost at full capacity, it wasn’t loud and over bearing. The ambiance was just perfect!

I enjoyed my stay here so much that I took my sweet time and actually posted my pictures on my Instagram, right there!

Upon receipt of my bill, came with 2 pennies. I asked the bartender what the pennies were for and she said “for the candy machine on your way out”. How awesome is that?! They even threw in a fun factor on your way out. Ahhmazing!

I will definitely come back here and bring my family, they would love it here, with its carefree, friendly and outgoing staff!

Next time I visit my sister, I will surely drop by and try more of their dishes, their menu has lots of promising meals to choose from.

Until next time, Collingwood.



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