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Hello March – A Journal Entry – 2021

Hello  beautiful people and just like that it’s March! Isn’t that just wonderful! That means spring is just around the corner and warm weather will soon begin and I know that snow makes everything so much gorgeous, but I still don’t want it hanging around, I want sun sun sun! So come on mother nature, cast your beautiful smile upon us and let the sunshine rays stay longer and make us all smile from ear to ear!

The February month was filled with the same old activities. Cooking, eating and binge watching Netflix; because seriously what else is there to do?

This lock-down pretty much has taken a lot of toll on me mentally and I know from speaking to a couple of my friends that I am not alone. While I feel really grateful I have a job where I can work from home, I also feel very cooped up in the house 24/7 day in day out. Seeing nobody except my immediate family; meaning my children. My husband goes into work everyday with the exception of half day Saturdays and he’s off Sundays, but other than that, it’s just me and the children, and honestly, I’m hungry for other company.

I’m missing my co-workers and how it used to be, which I know it will never go back to way it used to be. Or will it? Who knows, right? Still, the emptiness I feel sometimes, worries me and if I feel this way, I can only imagine how my children feel. I hope and pray that this lock-down will end soon, because our mental health is suffering whether we recognize it, or acknowledge it.

Also this month it is with great sadness that Captain Von Trapp passed. Yes our beautiful Canadian Actor well known from The Sound of Music died this month. I was so sad when I heard over the radio that Christopher Plummer had passed away.

This was one of my favourite movies I used to watch with my mother during Christmas when I was younger. Every year it was our routine to be prepared to watch it with our favourite Filipino dinner just in time for the movie to start, we knew exactly what time it started because we had our trusted  TV Guide to make sure what time it would be on!

For those of you who don’t know what a TV Guide is; it’s a weekly Canadian Magazine with television program listings, and it was our bible back then.

The cover changes weekly of course.

This is what it looks like, disregard the year of course. LOL! But isn’t this cool though.

During this month I got back into my other passion besides writing; which is reading. I already read two books and starting the third one from my one of my favourite author; Rick Mofina.

Rick Mofina’s style is a very easy read for me. I find his approach a page turner and comprehensive. He gets right to the point and brings  me right front and centre with his descriptions with nothing left to the imagination. He makes me feel like I’m actually there and at many points I feel like I’m actually going to hyperventilate with the way he can make me feel exhilarated from one scene to the next. I love his writing and enjoy his books so much! It takes me two days to finish his books and when I have but 10 pages left, I slow down like a fool and regret speed reading.

You must read him, if you haven’t already!

Did I mention that he commented on my tweet?! Nothing like being appreciated by your favourite author right!! I was so excited!!

This month I attended my fist virtual baby shower. It was pretty cool actually and even though I really would have loved to feel my niece’s growing big baby belly, seeing her on-screen getting all emotional and happy and laughing, was just as good. I don’t have any pictures, they were all videos…

Last but not least of events this February, was Valentine’s Day. Even though it was lock-down, and no dressing up to go out for fine dining, I still had a good one.

These beautiful flowers from my Papa (hubby) and my daughter, says it all.

We took an early drive out to Coburg Beach which is about 1.5 away from where we live and it was so nice to just take a stroll  in winter wonderland. It was peaceful and a nice way to be away from home.

We also stopped by at the Big Apple and picked up Apple & Blueberry Pies and some more little goodies, went home and made our own Valentine’s Day dinner and called it a day.

I must mention that my son Josh and his girlfriend Kate made an amazing Apple Pie and it was damn delicious, so we ended saving the one we bought instead for another day!

That’s about it for now.

On March 8th Toronto where I live, is suppose to bring word about whether we come out from hiding or not. I really don’t know what I feel anymore. All I know is that I want out of the house. I wish to be able to sit at a restaurant and enjoy a meal with my family and relish a bit of normalcy. I wish to go to the movies and watch it somewhere else other than on my couch. I wish to enjoy the company of others; even strangers, hearing snippets of other peoples conversations, just something else, I just need a change of scenery I guess.

I’m sure we all do.

We are all going bonkers, not just me.

Cheers to new a month!

We have 31 days. Make it count and don’t forget to make yourself happy first. Always.

Thanks for coming by, stay safe, keep your masks on and wash your hands.

7 thoughts on “Hello March – A Journal Entry – 2021”

  1. Omg! You hit the nail on the head with this one Tessie! We are ALL feeling the lockdown fatigue.. It’s been so hard but I’m glad we are all in this together. Thank you for always trying to inject some sunlight into you readers lives. We appreciate you!!!!

    1. Aww thank you Marisa!Yes, it’s been very trying, but hopefully with spring soon to arrive, the longer and brighter days will surely give us a lift! Thanks for reading my gorgeous friend! Thank you for always supporting me. XOXO

  2. WOW you truly recognized and expressed how we are all feeling this past months, the tv binge watching , seeing talking to only family or the odd video chat with friends . Will we ever fully recover , what about the children the list social interactions .. this cannot happen without some loss ; but we truly need to Embrace each other and appreciate life mire as we recover . Its interesting that you recognized the TV guide it brought back fond memories reading ahead to plan our viewing activities, but aging my self before that we would ‘send messages by Carrier Pigeons’ lol , thanks for keeping me happy to have such a Great Friend ! YOU ARE THE ONE !!! Besides my great truck to jump in, turn on the tunes and drive around the countryside observing life in its natural settings Good bye Covid and good riddance

    1. Lol you make me smile and laugh Ron! It’s always makes me happy to read your comments on my blog and how you can relate on my topics! Thanks so much for that! Yes, the TV Guide, that was a million years ago, its so cool right. Lol to your term of pigeons omg seriously you crack me up! Thank you so much for continuously supporting my blog. You truly are an amazing friend to me! xoxo

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