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Hello April – A Journal Entry 2021

“April showers bring May flowers’ great then, because I cannot wait for warmer weather, can you?! Hello April, so happy that you are here! Right?!

Is it me or time is really moving fast? For me it surely is. Even though I am working from home and I swear it’s driving me totally bonkers (said with an English accent) because I tend to do that once in awhile, (if you follow me on Instagram on my stories, hahaha)

Like seriously, are you all still sane? What keeps you sane anyways, its been a year since Covid  entered our lives and here I am still saying Hello March Hello April still nothing much to report but..I’m here and love to write about it for you.

I live in Toronto and we recently opened up the patios for outdoor dining, but Durham region has been open for in-dining and that’s where we have been escaping to, to be honest. Seriously all this is done with caution obviously, but my mental health is completely suffering and I just need out and enjoy a new scenery once in awhile. The maximum is 10 as per usual with everywhere else, so reservations are pretty strict and if we can’t secure one, we just cry a bit and stay home! It’s all good.

Here we ate at Shoeless Joe’s and I was very happy.

My children

It doesn’t take much lately to make me happy. Like I said Covid has taken a toll on my mental health and I know I must sound like a broken record when I say this, but hey, I’m not alone when I’m saying it, am I? It’s good that I’m saying it out loud, because nothing good comes from holding anything from within. I can only get sicker from withholding my emotions, and that’s why this blog right here, I’m so happy I created it. This here, is therapeutic. It is my outlet, without it, Well yes, I will go bonkers. I have gone bonkers and I will continue to have my bonker moments (if that is even a word) but I’m going to use it, because I’m in the mood to use it, but, this blog has saved my mental health tremendously. I just wanted to say that.

Let’s continue.

So during the day, I take a lot of selfie’s to create content for my Instagram. I need to do this on a daily basis to maintain my account and not be lost among many other Lifestyle Bloggers out there. Engagement is key in my social media lifestyle. On that note, let’s be friends on Instagram!

Being a content creator takes a lot of time and dedication. You really need to put yourself in the mood to be in the mood to take photographs of yourself in order to create content! Did you get that? I’m sure you did. Haha. Hey I think this will be a great topic for my next blog post – My daily routine as a Content Creator – Well there it is, watch out for that one, eh!

Speaking of Covid activities, here’s my Papa (hubby) who is applying my touch-up application for the 2nd time, due to my salon being closed. I picked up my colour at my salon of course. I think Papa is an expert my now, LOL.

He is also a damn good cook, check out his homemade Pizza. That was gobbled up pretty quickly I must add. Delicious as heck eh!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Niagara Falls just the two of us for some #togetherness time. I always love going to Niagara region and we stayed at my favourite hotel, The Sheraton on the Falls. I pick this hotel because its right on Clifton Hills and the view is really spectacular. We never use our car because everything is walking distance  if you want to grab food and is the centre  of all activities.

We drove to Niagara-on-the-lake and strolled and window shopped its many boutique stores. Our time away was relaxing and was much needed from being stuck at home too much and him being at our auto shop 24/7.

On March 17th I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a green top and there you have it. LOL

So getting back to working from home, I spend alot of it lounging in my pj’s. Lately it’s been a bad habit. Don’t get me wrong I do all the habitual daily morning grooming, as we all should by the way, but I stay in my pj’s. It’s just so comfy!! I put on fresh make-up, do my hair, but I can’t seem to dress properly. I’ve been in that funk and have noticed it and have tried really hard to get out of it.

Actually as I write this post I am in my Lulu lemon leggings and sweat shirt, so yay, I’m progressing!

I don’t think it’s that horrid actually. Take a look and you tell me.

I think lounging around in my pink silky and black & white polka dot pj set isn’t a bad thing at all, LOL.

On a warm day I met up with my good friend at Too Good Pond in Markham and just enjoyed the afternoon. We had lunch in-dining, (I was hell excited) and went shopping a bit.

Then we walked around the pond. It’s so gorgeous here surrounded with mature trees and the walkways and benches spread out and trails around the pond. It’s a must for leisurely walks with your bestie or your fur baby or both!

Another warm and sunny weekend in March we took our Rottweilers; Tyberious & Mason to Sunnybrook Park. Also another beautiful park to have picnics and enjoy your day. There is also an off leash park for your dogs of all sizes at end of the park just follow the signs. The trails are plentiful so you really don’t need to utilize the off leash if you don’t want to, we didn’t.

So there is my round-up of March activities and it wasn’t a bad one at all. In between that of course was lots of hours by the  television watching movies.

Here are a few that we delved into and what I thought about them:

Wonder Woman 1984 – Horrid, like don’t even bother. (I loved the 1st one though and I love her, she’s beautiful)

Justice League Zack Synder Cut – 2021 Film – 4 hours long, it wasn’t bad, I cried 2xs if that tells you anything.

Tell Me Your Secrets – Season 1 – Thriller – OMG so damn good! Check it out on Amazon Prime, can’t wait for the Season 2 !

*** All images from Google ***

That’s it folks, hope you had an eventful March and here’s hoping that April will bring on awesome weather and that we have positive news and no more further lock-downs, but seriously, I lost count. Did we really finish the second lock-down before they’re talking about the third one?

Oh heck I down know anymore.

Take care everyone and hope to see you back here soon. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Hello April – A Journal Entry 2021”

  1. Your days are so beautiful and you’re resilience is even prettier!! You manage to make each month stand out so wonderfully, when it’s mostly a blur for the majority!!

    Thank you Tess…youda bess xo!!

    1. Hi Rhonda! Thank you so much for your continued support; as always I am so happy to see you back on here. Thanks for your constant feed back, I truly appreciate it! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, yay! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful story. As I sit here reading and taking in ur month of March and enter into April ( yes with a third lockdown) . Your content helps to help people who can relate to issues and well being as well as lock down and working from home. You tell such a beautiful story in your writing. One day I hope that dinning shopping travel etc will be open again our journey will continue with even more happiness. Blessing to you and you family. Say hi to your fur babies for me as well ??

    1. Hi my love!!! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me your footprints, xoxo! Your uplifting words here brings me happiness that you are enjoying my blog. I do agree that one day we all hope that this pandemic will soon leave our lives and we can go back to our normal lives and do what we use to do and be happy again and be with people who make us feel alive! Missing you so much and thanks for coming by!
      Take care and be safe! xoxo

  3. Hi Tessiebella. Thanks for sharing. Love your content and pics. You are right when you say that the time is flying by. Can’t believe it’s almost the end of April.

    Looking forward to your next blog! Stay safe!
    Love Annabelle ❤️?

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