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Hello May – A Journal Entry 2021

Well well well, we are into May and I am feeling great about that, and how about you!? I most certainly hope that you feel the same way, because May means that warmer weather is soon to come and warmer weather means that we can get the heck outta the house and be outdoors and just breathe and soak in the sunshine. Hello May!!

May is a month for progress. I can taste it in the air. Why? Do you ask me, well because April 28th Papa and I got vaccinated and I am hell happy! Excited actually. I really felt all emotional the moment I was injected. I felt that yes a road to extra protection headed my way. Yes I know that I will still wear my mask and yes I will still wash my hands  and yes I will still social distance, but this vaccination right here is an extra layer of peace of mind, its just damn wonderful!

International Convention Centre – Airport Road
Such a happy moment!
1st dosage
April 28/2021
After injection
You wait for 15 minutes for any possible reaction

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I. It’s a new month and you know the drill right? I relay the past months events which was April. So here we go let me rewind a bit…

April we had some damn beautiful wonderful weather in the earlier weeks. I did a lot of guilty and pleasurable online shopping for cute dresses and did photo shoots and shared my looks on Instagram.

Check out these dresses. I so love them and the prices at Shein, is absolutely the best! They fit me fantastically!  Too bad I ain’t got no place to go!

In April, in Toronto where I live, we were already in a lock-down (like what else is new) but… that lock-down was extended for yet another 2 weeks, so instead of expiring May 6th it is now, supposedly going to expire May 20th (this is with bated breath) so we all just wait and see what will happen. We’ve been in province lock-down for so long that I think we are just so numb and just go about our day. This is the norm for us. I see all around me what it is doing to my friends, my spouse and my children mentally and physically. I wish that this pandemic would leave us instantly, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I see so many of us getting vaccinated. Thousands of people lining up early at pop-up clinics just to get a chance to get a vaccine ticket for an appointment, to come back at a later time to get an injection to save and protect themselves. How emotional is this? Very. It’s so serious and when I posted my own experience  on Instagram, I’m so elated when people reached out to me with their own experiences and their own thoughts about getting vaccinated or soon to be. Strangers commenting and reaching out and wishing me well and hoping that their turn will be up soon, just touches me so much. My hope is that everyone gets their turn soon rather than later and we can get back to normalcy.

On April 6th we celebrated Papa’s birthday, which is my husband. This would be his second Covid birthday celebration, but heck he doesn’t mind, he’s a homebody, LOL!

I, on the other hand, well you can pretty much guess I would prefer to be out at a restaurant. Last year I just made it for my celebration before another lock-down happened.

This was last year October 3rd 2020. God I miss dining out!!

On April 17th the world watched as the Queen buried her Prince; her husband of more than 70 years.

(Image taken from Google images)

Prince Phillip picked his own music for his funeral and also selected the vehicle in which would carry his casket. He had this Military Green Land Rover fixed to his specifications for over 16 years in the making. I think that’s pretty cool and that when you’re with someone for this long shows such great love, strength, dedication and honour.

Last month we took many walks with Mr Tyberious  because the weather was so amazing. I don’t know what the heck happened during the last week of April.

Toronto, ON

One Sunday early morning, meaning 7am, Papa and I went for a drive East of Toronto. We ended up here in Colborne and found this little place by the water. Its so peaceful here and calming.

Colborne, ON

The only thing that I didn’t like about this month was when Doug Ford announced that along with our strict lock-down stay-at-home rules; Police were given authority to ask people why they were leaving their residence and also ask for their identification.(aka carding)

When I heard this , I immediately felt anxiety and fear. Fear for those already living in marginalized communities, fear for the minority groups and the youth who are always targeted and singled out mainly for how they are dressed, merely for the company they keep, merely for being youths. I was scared for what was to come and I knew that if this continued and they allowed this to happen, it would not be for the betterment of containing the spread of Covid, but the outcome would be worse and not solve one damn thing.

I told my boys to stay home I was really scared and I was outraged by this decision made by our Premier.

On a lighter note: when I’m home which is alllll the time, there’s not much to do for entertainment but to bake more cookies!

These are chocolate chip & oatmeal with pecan cookies. Which ones are your favourite?

This top is also from SHEIN

In conclusion, I’m happy I ended April being vaccinated. I had so much anxiety thinking about the needle and the side affects, but all I had was a sore right arm and few aches and pain in the  shoulder and neck area. The next day I felt nauseous and fatigued. I rested and all was good!

Okay folks, hope you enjoyed my last months round-up! I hope to see you soon and thanks for taking the time to visit!

Take care and leave me your thoughts before you go.

Stay safe, keep your masks on, wash your hands when you get home before you touch your loved ones.




12 thoughts on “Hello May – A Journal Entry 2021”

  1. Tks for sharing Tess
    Your the greatest putting feelings into words
    I look forward to your many writings
    CONGRATS on your vaccine shot Yes it is
    An extra layer of ‘real true life’ i had mine almost
    A month and also had the opportunity to be visiting my Eldest Son in Ottawa when he received his no effects to me ( but im old anyways so most numb to needles or anything lol) my so who hates the sight of needles took it well and had a sore arm for 2 days All is better now aa we move forward. ( side note my son is scared of needles yet works in The Children’s Hospital – go figure right/ kinda cute)
    Take care be safe and healthy

    1. Hi Ron, aww thank you for your kind words my friend! Yes, I’m so happy to be vaccinated and you too yay good for you! I feel so relieved eh. I’m so glad you got the chance to visit your son in Ottawa, now that Bronson is back home, I miss Ottawa,ugggh! Lol about your comment on the Needle hehehehe. Take care and thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with me! Be safe always. xoxo

  2. Yay! You got vaccinated. I got mine too. Im really hoping this pandemic will be over soon and we are free to visit more places again.
    The top and dresses look really nice on you. That purple dress is so pretty. Hope you and your family will have a lovely spring/summer ahead. Stay safe!

    1. Hey Fritzie, yay doesn’t it feel so great to get vaccinated my gosh!! I am really excited for things to start to open up again, once we allll get vaccinated. Then we can live freely again and see our loved ones. Thanks so much for the compliments, love all my floral dresses and there’s not much to do but shop, lol! Take care and hope and your family stay safe as well! xoxo

  3. That red dress hun!??Love it!
    Great to read the vaccine did not have any untoward effects on you. What vaccines are they giving in Canada, if you don’t mind?

    Here’s to a great Month of May!

    1. Hey there, thanks, this red leopard print is super comfy eh! The vaccine I had was Pfizer here in Canada we have the Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.
      I’m so glad I took well to the vaccine. Cheers to the new month, so happy its May! Thanks for dropping by. xoxo

  4. Great read, a little too short . Your writing feels like a grandmother cookie: soft and warm , full of love . I always enjoy your beautiful family pictures. Hope to see you soon. I didn’t know the prince chose the car . Talking about this , I found what I want to write on my urn: “I told you I was sick “??
    Enjoy the weekend

    1. Hi Marius, so nice to see you here! Aww thank you so much for your kind words you just made me smile from ear to ear eh!! and yes he did choose his own car and his music, he had his funeral all planned out, my god, what an impressive man he was. OMG you make me laugh with what you want to write on your urn, don’t talk like that. LOL. Thank you for supporting visiting me!! xoxo

  5. The beauty in your writing and the openness are amazing. I congratulate you and papa on being able to get the vaccine hopefully others will get their turn. I luv the pictures especially you in that beautiful red dress. You looked absolutely stunning ?. Stay safe.

    1. Hi my lovely and beautiful friend! Thank you for your kind and uplifting and loving words I appreciate it sooo much! Yes we are so excited to have been vaccinated and its such a highlight to our April month, yay!! and girl this red dress is so comfortable and affordable and in love with it. Love you sweetie and miss you, take care always! xoxo

    1. Hey there, thanks so much for coming by and I know yay for being vaccinated!!! These dresses are my new favs eh and I have to stop eating these cookies too or else won’t fit into the dresses, LOL!! Thank for your visit and hope to see you soon. Take care and stay safe! xoxo

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