My Happy Place – Poetry May 3, 2019

I sit here often
In my study
Alone in my thoughts
Nothing but the music on
And the lamp glowing above me
A simple room
Full of love
All of me
If you look around
You’ll see quotes of love
And pictures of a boardwalk
With benches on the side
My little office with its white furniture
A gift from papa
A Cabinet stuffed with odds & ends
A futon that turns into a massive bed
That I occasionally use when he snores too loud
A closet full of dresses pretty & fancy
And my record player
Shelves lined with books
And my favourite heels
I can look out the window and see the stars
As the leaves sway gently in the breeze
In the summer
But it’s still winter out
The air is chilled
There are no leaves yet
It’s all in my mind
I wait with bated breath for summer to come
For the sun to do it’s magic
And give me that life & energy
I so badly crave
For I flourish in the warmth
In the rays and the heat of the sun
I’m at my happiest when the sun shines
And the warm air caresses my bare shoulders
And when the sun tans my face
And my face is void of make up
So hurry summer come and save me
I’ll be here waiting
In my happy place

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6 thoughts on “My Happy Place – Poetry May 3, 2019”

  1. My happy Place
    Ummm seems so much like mine too
    Except the surroundings and decor is different
    I have pics of projects completed awards from UW .. pics of my boys and my mom and dad whom i miss ..the place is male focus not feminine touches
    Not because i do t want just because its mine .. the room also has lots of papers to keep my bookkeeper happy and papers of current proposals that clients have asked fir .. its my place and its what i enjoy and many friends say its what i am its what i do its me being happy in a new recent career where i find good people physical challenges its where i can relax and lose myself in the latest challenge .. for me relaxing is doing this Work this type of retirement keeps me happier each day This is Me

    1. Well excuse me!! LOL Love it Ron, you are following in my footsteps hehehehe! Thanks for sharing and as always for coming by! We all have our Happy Place, its good to know yours too! xo

    1. Hi Alexa! Thanks so much for visiting! Thank you so much for your comment and that’s all you need to write. You can write anywhere and a bed with a laptop, heck that sounds really comfy! xo

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