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One King West Hotel & Residence Review April 2019

For my husband’s birthday, I booked this hotel for our one night stay.

This hotel which is located in the financial district in downtown Toronto in the corner of King & Yonge Street is grandeur and beautiful.  The hotel from the outside is very unassuming but as soon as you pull open those big glass doors, it’s a whole new world inside.

Upon entrance, to the right you will find their bar fully stocked and inviting, to your left is a quaint dining area, and dead on center are beautiful and elegant chandeliers hanging so lovely from the ceiling. You can see how this was an actual bank transformed into a hotel, so beautifully done!

We were greeted promptly and were given our room within seconds. Seriously, I mean literally, seconds!

Our room was on the 42nd floor and I was already in heaven, I just love being up so high. Our view had both of two worlds; city and partial lake view. We were so fine with that. The view was awesome during the afternoon, at night was even more spectacular!

We had the Tower Deluxe Suite.

  • King Bed
  • City View
  • Partial Lake view
  • Kitchenette
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Stove cooktop
  • Kitchen Utensils & Cutlery
  • Toiletries

This room had all the essentials you would need to enjoy your night stay and more! We didn’t use the kitchen, because our children were meeting us for brunch the next day, but if they weren’t, I would for sure be making us an awesome breakfast if we stayed in!

I loved our stay here and would again choose this hotel and take more time to look around and perhaps sit at the bar and sample a meal or two at their restaurant.

The staff is very welcoming and always remain eye contact every time we pass by the front reception. A quick nod of acknowledgment shows me that they see me and that they value me as a customer.

Where I work full time, whenever I happen to come into eye contact with our clients, I treat them with dignity and respect, I nod to acknowledge their existence, when I get that in return and be on the receiving end of that, it makes me very happy.

This may sound simple, but to me, this is what good customer service looks like.

There are a variety of foodie places to serve all types of palettes in the area and Toronto Eaton Centre is just a short walking distance.  Toronto transit and subway station is also within arm’s length or you can hail for a cab at your doorstep.

I loved my stay here; from the staff, the view, the cleanliness, and its location are definitely a must try for visitors or non-visitors like me!


2 thoughts on “One King West Hotel & Residence Review April 2019”

  1. Yes it is Grand Lady hidden in plain site and everything is as you described ! . I had the opportunity to sneak away alone for a night
    And I truly enjoyed the great amenities and the fantastic Customer Service. I too believe strongly and acknowledgement of one another and One King West Staff allow us that respect .. i too will return again but, maybe not alone
    Thanks Tessie Belle ❤️

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