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Old School Restuarant Review April 2019

For my husbands birthday, we brought him here for brunch.
Old School is located in downtown Toronto, on Dundas Street West.

Upon entering, I instantly liked the feel and vibe. The decor is black and white and tucked away in the corner in front of the entrance is a cute bar, surrounded by black and chrome stools.

The restaurant has plenty of natural light, with its floor to ceiling windows, that brings in all the outside, in.

I love the way the restaurant is open and has a lot of space between patrons who are enjoying their meals. I hate when I go to a place where tables are so crammed together and customers are practically sitting on each other’s lap. To me that’s not the way to enjoy a meal, I need elbow room! Here you can find that, and the ambiance is alive and happy.

There are 2 rooms, one in front, the other in the back. We were placed in the back, but really there was no difference where you sat, everywhere was bright and airy.

I had of course without a doubt, French Toast.

Bad Apple French Toast

  • brie
  • apple butter
  • bacon

This was delicious and I actually finished every bit of it.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

  • pulled pork
  • coleslaw
  • aioli
  • fries

My son enjoyed his meal and gobbled it up instantly.

Breakfast Burger Man

  • tomato
  • house mayo
  • cheddar
  • bacon
  • sunny egg
  • salad

My daughter was so hungry that morning, this really hit the spot for her!

Dixie Chick’s “N” Waffles

  • tobasco honey with brown sugar butter seasoned chicken
  • waffles

This was the birthday boy’s choice and he said though it was tasty, he wished that there were more pieces of chicken. I do agree with him because hubby is a big man with a big appetite!

Old School is a restaurant where you feel relaxed and can enjoy brunch, where the crowd isn’t rambunctious. This is important to me because I can’t enjoy my meal when I can practically hear other people’s conversation as if, I’m right in front of them.

At the back of the restaurant, there is a side door for those who want to order take-out items, coffee or pastries.

The staff was friendly and answered our questions, they were prompt in serving our meals and was always on hand if we needed anything.

I enjoyed brunching here and will definitely come back try other delicious items on their menu.

When our winter becomes summer, this is where you’ll find me.

I’ve found a little slice of heaven, so this is where I’ll be.


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