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Summers End – A Journal Entry

The last time I wrote in my blog was July. I took a break from writing for two reasons. Its summer and I wanted to just enjoy my time and the other reason was because I was stuck.

Stuck because of my own fears of just not knowing what to write about and what will interest people and will it be engaging enough and will my content be enough for you to come back and read more of what I have to say. See, that was my problem. That enabled my creativity and stopped the number one thing I did best, was to express myself through this; writing.

I love to write, I love to say what’s on my mind and I love to share whats happening in my life and whats happening with me.

I’ve been writing since I was 12 and I used to climb on trees with my notebook and write from up there. I know it sounds so silly right?! But I sure did!

I’ve always found writing so therapeutic, so calming and the release so gratifying and fulfilling. Nothing beats out writing to me.

I’ve read many Instagram post lately of basically people with the same feeling I’ve been having and I said to myself; get up and do what you love to do most; Write.

So here I am. Pushing my anxiety away and letting my happiness lead the way, because this is what I love to do.

And if I am the only one who will re-read this over and over again, it will still make me happy, for these memories will be written here forever.

I promise to myself I will be writing more.

Let’s start shall we?

Summers End.

Its here and it’s come so fast hasn’t it? Look, September is here and my god my summer was fantastic!

Papa and I went to Montreal for a little mini vacation and it was so beautiful and absolutely thinking of moving there in the future. It’s so lively and spacious and Old Port, Montreal is alive and booming with happy people dining and shopping and having a marvellous time. I was totally in love!

Old Port Montreal

I’ve never been so sad checking out of a hotel in the longest time!

During August I was off on vacation for 3 weeks and honestly it felt like heaven. There were times I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

I enjoyed my breakfasts on my deck and spent time with our Rottweilers; Mr. Tyberious (in the front) and Mason (the one at the back) .

Obviously took a million fashion shoots and enjoyed many dates nights with my Papa and my daughter who lives downtown Toronto.

Date night with my daughter

We also went to Niagara Falls for a mini getaway with our daughter and youngest son and had lunch at Colaneri Winery Estate. It was such a beautiful winery which felt like we were actually in Italy. Their pizza was delicious and the surroundings were breathtaking. It is a must to visit if you’re at Niagara-on-the-lake.

As I’m writing this I get a text from my daughter and its pretty late from where she’s texting me from; which is all the way from Lisbon, Portugal.

After all these years she hasn’t really been on a real vacation up until now, besides Vancouver for a couple of weeks, but hey that’s still in our country so I’m really happy for her.

Check out her awesome view. I say she’s preee-tty happy too!

Portugal August 2021

Summer is my favourite month. How about you? I took a poll on my Instagram and many people are torn between summer and fall, but the majority are summer lovers like me, yay!

I’m a sucker for light and airy summer dresses, open toed shoes, flip flops, shorts and just enjoying my meal in the open air. Don’t you?

I do agree that the snow is gorgeous and makes everything so beautiful; along with Christmas lights strewn atop each houses, but that cold cold wintry blizzard air, ah nope!

To me the summer months up until my birthday (October) are the perfect time of the year. It’s absolutely excellent weather.

Perfect time to enjoy each other.

Perfect time to meet new people.

Perfect time to fall in love.

Perfect time to have a baby.

Perfect time to get a new fur baby.

Perfect time to get a new job.

Perfect time to retire.

Perfect time start something new.

Perfect time for a new challenge.

Perfect time to re-set.

It’s a perfect time for anything.

I hope that you enjoyed your summer even though Covid has stuck with us for far too long.

At least here in Toronto, we’ve finally begun to feel normal again with just about every business up and running and open.

I hope your summer was as memorable as can be.

Summers End.

Take care of yourself and each other; and be safe.

2 thoughts on “Summers End – A Journal Entry”

  1. How very TRUE .. count me on as one who LOVE summer from April to December 1
    Tks again for giving me a great feeling this
    summer morning

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