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The Good Son Restaurant – Review Feb 7th 2020

So I have been suffering from Vertigo for 4 weeks when finally I felt better and headed out to Shop at Donmills. A spot in Toronto located at Donmills/Lawrence where there are many shops and restaurants to visit and enjoy. It’s one of my favorite places to go to because it has everything all in one location. It even has a VIP theatre and plenty of parking. You should visit here.

I have been meaning to visit this restaurant and finally had the chance to do so.

Upon arrival, the gentleman at the front greeted us with a charming smile and quickly told us to sit wherever we wanted to, as it wasn’t busy and it was earlier in the day.

This place was beautiful and with its stunning pop of color and light fixtures and an attractive bar and seats by the window, it totally attracted me on the spot. Of course, I picked the window seat.

Our server promptly appeared and our drink came within seconds.

The ambiance was light and unhurried, relaxed and chilled. It was nice to finally come out of hiding from being sick and this place was just what I needed to bring me back to life. Everything was gorgeous and just glam! I love this cute place!

I ordered the Mushroom Pappardelle Pasta and my daughter ordered the Prosciutto Pizza, both were very tasty, but in my opinion, my pasta rocked!

I really liked this place that I asked the host to make me a reservation for Valentine’s Day! I even picked my table. She took my information as I continued to eat my meal and that was that.


Great customer service!

Coming back for Valentine’s.



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