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Hello 2020!

It’s a new year everyone! Happy New Year to all!

It is a time for new chances, a fresh start, a new beginning, a new chapter in your life.

Last year, was a tough one for me. I plummeted earlier on in the year and it was hard work mentally to be stable and get back on my feet. I did a large amount of self-care to get where I’m at, and still not really where I should be, but I am better.

I know that paying attention to what my mind and body are telling me, is the road to recovery and it’s only a matter of time and healing.

The year 2020 sounds so promising and strong in itself, that really it is a push, isn’t it?

2020…, it sounds a resounding kick in the ass and should be taken seriously, at least, that’s how I hear it.

Starting right from the beginning of January, it will be all about me. I really need it to be about me. Who is going to take care of me best, well, except, me?

So this year, I am my New Years’ resolution.

I wish for everyone to find their happiness this year and move forward in their life and do what makes you happy.

2020 will be about less pain and more laughter, and stronger relationships, be around with real people who get you and just want the best for you.  Find yourself this 2020 and when you do, don’t ever change. For anyone.

Wishing you health, wealth and success as we celebrate this new year!

4 thoughts on “Hello 2020!”

  1. What a lovely post – it’s always great to reflect on the good and bad in the previous year! It’s defo important to focus on yourself, so true. Hope you have a fabulous 2020! xxx

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